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  1. Pros: 1.It exists 2.It exists 3.It exists 4.It exists 5.It exists Cons: 1.I can't play it yet 2.I can't play it yet 3.I can't play it yet 4.I can't play it yet 5.I can't play it yet The End. Good night, Moon.
  2. There's no better candidate for ruining any sort of wilderness excursion than professional ****-eater Bear Grylls. Also Iceland. Apparently, it exists. A bit touristy, but still.
  3. Bold emphasis my own for reasons that should be clear given the following: You know 99.999% of humanity now considers you one of "those losers" thanks to that statement? A gay romance thread? On BSN? About a douche with a fauxhawk? NO. ****ING. WAY. Lesson to be learned: Don't be a ****ing ****, get a real mohawk or just carry a sign saying "I will gladly take anything up the ass you have on offer."
  4. Metro: Last Light and Divinity: Original Sin on and off courtesy of GabeN. Actually really impressed with LL, not so much with Divinity (if I wanted to talk to myself with poorly written lines and rock, paper, scissors I could drink excessive amounts of alcohol and do it on my own. Even with a second player, the lines don't stop being garbage as far as writing goes.) It was charming enough that I felt bad that the melee between it and the state of Rhode Island resulted in the state of Rhode Island still existing. Visual design a little too WoW, world and story a little too shallow,
  5. Why would I have? HL was made by Valve software in Kirkland, WA, USA, by the American company Valve Software by a team consisting primarily of Americans for the American market. You say that as though HL is a German game and I'm some kind of inferior pleb scrub for not having played the definitive original director's cut made by German national game developer Ventilsoftware and later butchered by a fat pig american swine called "Gaben."
  6. It's a troll rating, for the quality of your troll post. You're getting better, 7/10 might get trolled again. What double standard? Can you precisely point out where I A) said I didn't like Isabella, and specifically stated it was because of her sexuality and B) praised a man for having had sex with too many women to count such that he has acquired all known STDs and only has months to live due to the syphilitic abscess in his brain? Because if you could, it would go a long way toward making your post approach the borderline keeping it well within the realm of invalid ad
  7. Team Fortress 2. I thought those new taunts would be stupid. They are stupid. They are gloriously stupid. An entire server full of players doing a stupid conga dance instead of capping the point or pushing the cart is second only to a lone conga hero bravely lumbering past enemy lines, devoid of any sense of self-preservation. Possessed entirely by their faith in humanity's goodwill. Having their faith betrayed by a sniper. The new rocket launcher/parachute combo doesn't fit every circumstance, but when it works, it works. Eight rapid-fire rockets aimed down at a sentry nes
  8. It sounds like you should stick to Oblivion and Fallout 3, chummer. Powergaming, min/maxing, irrelevant morality systems; they all sound like they're exactly what you're looking for in an "RPG."
  9. Time for my quarterly check in. Do we still heatedly, nay, passionately discuss a game we all hate without having played it? 6/10, solid. Suffered for the emo kid bit, that's more JRPG. I guess Anders Fogh Rasmussen is severely emo, though. I could be referring to the DA character, I could be referring to the Secretary General of NATO. IT IS A MYSTERY But that's because both Isabella and Merill are idiots. Or maybe Isabella is a non-idiot (but not smart, either; I mean, just imagine the sorts of putrid ecosystems she's carrying around down there,) sadist who wants to
  10. No, you haven't ever eaten lobster.
  11. Sure, in Bethsoft games where the player can be the ultimate Ubergod by level 10 (as is the rule for Beth games.)
  12. HAHAHA, self-righteous kids. Seriously. I grew up playing garbage like DOOM and I have yet to be assaulted by nefarious government censors seeking to put a stop to vidya game violence. I'm more concerned about the stranglehold corporate interests have on our **** government. I'm gonna go play some ****in' video games. Thre were no robots in HL.
  13. Thanks for that. I'm gonna file that whole post under "launch into the sun ASAP." Dousing it with whatever whiskey I can't drink, first.
  14. Dirty environmentalist propaganda. Lobsters were created by The LORD for Human consumption.
  15. There's a mod that does a high-quality, attractive-yet-realistic face texture, although I forget what it was called because the name is not in the filename and I can't find it on That Accursed Site anymore (probably because there weren't enough criticism-free furries/animal penises or brown-nosed praise for it on said site.) Moving on: I went and got caught by the bait that is Divinity: Original Sin (Beta.) On the fence as to whether or not to regret it (two protagonists and one player controlling both in a poorly-written argument between them in single player is kind of a new low fo
  16. So, Iraq is a zambambo courtesy of Bush. Thanks for taking me back to my highschool years, which I wish I'd forgotten; guilty pleasure: 9/11 coverage at the time. Let's just let Iran have Iraq and call it a day. I mean, honestly. Really. At least we don't have the big R calling the Taliban heroes of justice anymore, right? Although everyone should be reminded that Mr. R called them heroes of justice, more or less. Secondary guilty pleasure: Space shuttle Columbia turning into a bunch of artificial meteorites. How's about we make a real space program, 'murica? No? OK, private sector, save
  17. Torchwood is Davies (hence everyone being ludicrously bi.) Weeping Angels in Blink: Classic, legitimately scary; WA in Matt Smith era: too stupid even to be funny, these plot twists have anal origins (OH EMM GEE NOW THEY LIVE IN YOUR EYEBALLS SO YOU CAN'T OPEN YOUR EYES. ZANY INVERSION OF EXISTING FORMULA, HIJINKS ENSUE!) Those stupid statues should have stayed permanently glaring at each other after the Tennant TARDIS departed. I liked Matt Smith a lot as the Doctor, but the writing in the Moffat era is decidedly lower quality when it's not Neil Gaiman writing The Doctor's Wife (highest
  18. Shin Sangoku Musou 7 Mushouden Complete. He has actually responded to the phenomenon in at least one interview; the number of ****s he gives is close to zero.
  19. Licensing. Neverwinter is not an original IP of either, various companies license various things, development can be outsourced, etc., etc., etc. Also, fun fact: Your username is displayed along with every post you make. I know, it's amazing, right? So we can all see your handle as though we were all magical telepaths! That's an odd thing to feel about a guy who came out as LGBT in the last decade (not just one, all.)
  20. You're just making yourself look asinine, acting like you're the guardian angel upon whom Obsidian depends for their sales and marketing.
  21. ...You honestly believe that's what a significant number of backers were looking for when they ponied up money? Pornography? Response to the inevitable counter: You're the one who derided Dragon Age for implicitly failing to deliver a quality product by merely providing "softcore porn." It'd be a missed opportunity if Obsidian didn't make a porn game with the money of people who didn't pay money for pornography? And you're going to laud The Witcher's sexual content as proof that gamers are "mature"? I realize you don't need a mouth to type, but it must be hard to hit the keys with your fo
  22. Shadowrun Returns, courtesy of the (sort of) new Dragonfall campaign.
  23. As part of the vast majority of humanity that is not South African... What? I don't get it. Race isn't even a factor to me, what is this supposed to mean? I've seen bad political cartoons in my time, but this is just incomprehensible. You need to provide context for the vast majority of humanity which does not know/care about South Africa's very existence.
  24. Wolf? YOU GOTTA STEP UP YOUR GAME. Do you even Song of Ice and Fire, bro? Unrelated: COME ON AND SLAM! AND WELCOME TO THE JAM!
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