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  1. Eh? It sounds just about right to me. The exo-combat concepts sound good to me, enough that I'm actually really interested in trying a priest PC first. The fact that they're brandishing guns and bombs is not an influence at all. Nope. Not in any way. It's all about the philosophical debates. And not bombs.
  2. I know, I know, taste is subjective, but I can't help making fun of something so obviously begging to be made fun of. Anyway, some kind of apricot brandy (not normally my thing, alcohol trying to be sweet is like fire trying to be cold,) whose name I forget, surprisingly pretty good. I should probably look at the label sometime.
  3. What's the point of that? Just drink bourbon. It is, frankly, an insult to the bourbon that you're drinking a substance whose only appeal is that it licked Bourbon's bathtub after Bourbon got out.
  4. Super Robot Wars Z3. Is that even possible in a GTA game? Also, using the phrase "clean" to refer to a GTA playthrough is comically inappropriate.
  5. Did I say that? No. Your strawman arguments should at least resemble the the statement you're trying to fallaciously attack. Where, precisely, did I state that Obsidian should not aim to create games that they and their fans want? I said that isometric CRPGs aren't products with mainstream appeal. It wasn't the masses of CoD and Madden players that ponied up their money for P:E's kickstarter. PC gaming is a dramatically smaller sector of the industry as a whole compared to consoles. Are the kickstarter badges in my profile invisible? Or are you just ignorant out of a fundamental misunders
  6. What's your education in music theory? Well, whatever, what kind of motif are you talking about? Are you looking for a stronger melody or what? Ignoring, of course, the fact that this is all a matter of subjective opinion.
  7. Isometric CRPGs are not a model of any economic system that has ever or will ever exist. I don't recall ever having the interest on a credit card determined by a saving throw. If you need kickstarter to fund your product, then it's not a product that has great mainstream appeal.
  8. Either you haven't had enough sex in your life or you've got some kind of creepy synesthesia if you think the offal of human groinal regions and sweat smells like spring flowers. The potential joke based on the fact that flowers are fundamentally sexual organs is lost when you've actually been in a room reeking of human copulation.
  9. Brown-nosing and networking are what get you ahead.
  10. "For what it is"? That strongly implies some sort of unstated corollary like "I like it in terms of **** standards, this is premium fecal matter, as feces go." Anyway... Finished B:I Burial at Sea ep. 2. Quite good overall, although it was clear that the connections between it and the original game were just made up on the spot, the idolization of Bioshock's faceless protagonist was just weird. The ending totally clashed with the established paradigm of infinite parallel universes.
  11. Checked fedex tracking for an import game I preordered. It went from Lantau Island, Hong Kong to Chicago Illinois, meaning it flew right past me and will double back to meet its projected monday delivery. Also an old man just walked down the street backwards when I looked out the window while typing. Not like "temporarily" backwards, more like "I left my house or apartment or mental institution walking backwards and I'm going to keep walking backwards even if it kills me" backwards.
  12. I'm willing to bet it will boil down to lack of player agency. As someone who wasted their childhood/early teens playing JRPGs in the 16 and 32 bit console eras (I could only really stomach action-oriented games on my elder brother's NES,) I'd say lack of player agency is the primary flaw there. Also, GRINDAN You'll be buying nothing in that case. Fancy landmarks don't grow rice or soy. The romanticized vision of the far east prevalent in the west is comically impractical. Zipangu's vast hoards of gold never existed in the first place. Sado island's nothing more than an obscure hist
  13. That's enough for now. This is the first time in this thread that I was legitimately offended. This is coming from someone with triple-digit playtime in F3 and the Tale of Two Wastelands mod for NV. The NV game balance is just inexorably superior. Even without F3's superior environment/atmosphere/level design it's just more fun to engage in combat in NV (which is the heart of the game.)
  14. I'm currently playing New Vegas interspersed with "watch the fedex tracking data" waiting for Super Robot Wars Z3: Hell Chapter to arrive from Lantau Island, HK. Will probably still be playing NV ad infinitum regardless.
  15. If you were in the IT field, math, physics or the like, it wouldn't seem ridiculous based on the visibility of mathematical functions. Math is the method of understanding the universe. There's no pre-existing chaos in the non-reality of a game, because it was all crafted by human minds. It's real reality that is chaotic, and math is the ultimate means of quantifying it. If you play a brofist brass-balls spess muhreen shooter, there's math going on unseen for every action you make. Every shot made is a vector; the vector is defined by the numbers representing the player's location and direction
  16. Yeah... it also sort of undermines the cohesiveness of their design. It reminds me of trying to pick a color to paint something. "Well, we could go with blue, but some people don't like blue. We could go with orange, but some people don't like orange. Let's just go with ALL THE COLORS, TOGETHER!" Then they end up with a muddy grey, and wonder what went wrong. "We should've gotten all the people with each individual color as their favorite! Why didn't we?!" To appeal to the widest audience possible, one must inherently appeal to a stupid audience. A bomb is far more effective at wide
  17. Actually it's an Egyptian Jerboa. They are fairly closely related to Kangaroo Rats, though. No, it's an example of parallel evolution. Like how some ancient mammal's genetic line eventually became bats (Chiroptera,) while birds (Aves,) descended from/were closely related to dinosaurs (and arose long before class Aves.) They're both warm-blooded, equipped for flight, both fly around eating stuff, but they're not closely related, they're simply the result of natural selection. If there's a niche, something will fill it, sooner rather than later. The fact that mammals fill any given niche is
  18. An inexpressive Shepard sitting on a crate while the camera cuts between them and Garrus who is flailing at buttons that don't do anything? Sounds awfully familiar.... Can't quite.... put a finger on it. Although, from a purely fictional standpoint, you're probably supposed to believe that mashing buttons is the only way to make spaceguns on spaceships work right while they're not being fired. Sort of like how you're supposed to believe there was a coherent three-act structure to the Mass Effect series.
  19. You're a liiiiittle late to the party, aintcha? We already drank the booze, the awkward spooning is bound to make a weird atmosphere for you.
  20. Level scaling isn't inherently bad, it just limits opportunities to make large risk/reward gambles. The biggest problem with it is that, if enemies always keep pace, why bother having levels at all? If the game can be readily completed by a lv1 character, what's the point of a lv20 character? It lacks dynamism and challenge.
  21. That's because it is nonsense. It's not a sensible thing to do at all.
  22. How, precisely, is that a blasphemous opinion on CRPGs?
  23. Doesn't your local library have a sci-fi section? Even if you're not into "the readings" there's plenty of sci-fi out there. Personally, my go-to is Super Robot Wars, although it's not available in English. God doesn't exist and was provided/replaced by a mechanical goddess created by the lost tribes of Israel to protect the Earth from Lovecraftian horrors before they left the Earth to become the dominant galactic power? Works for me.
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