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  1. Absolutely nothing. There is not a goddamn thing to do in Londinium. It's a backwater amongst backwaters, a hamlet of ill-repute with no redeeming qualities.
  2. inorite? Consoles are the ideal format for RPGs. Something like PoE would work much better on an xbox or wiiu than PC. It's a goddamn travesty that PoE is for PC and not Xbox. Imagine how much better it would be using an Xbox controller to move a cursor! Wait! You already know from the Playstation versions of IE games like Baldur's Gate. Considering your familiarity with those outstanding products, perhaps you can convince the PC plebs here the superiority of consoles.
  3. Isn't this the God-Blessed economic system known as "free-market capitalism" at work? According to Chicago/Austrian school economists, all humans are perfectly rational economic actors who logically maximize their self-interest. Thus, this product must have legitimate market value.
  4. I've thought since the start that it was a good alternative to things like The Elder Scrolls, in which the vast majority of quests were worthless; most were just simple excuses to get you to go to those 12 cave entrances that you passed on your way to the next main quest objective. The rewards were rarely even worth mentioning; usually just a pittance of money or a random piece of enchanted equipment (which you could savescum to re-roll and try to get a better enchantment/more expensive item to sell.)
  5. I don't get it. The entire point of big head mode from the start (I think Goldeneye, since it was a console game with stick aiming rather than mouse aiming,) was to make it easier to get headshots in FPS games. Unless, of course, there is a system of individual body part damage in PoE I missed.
  6. Orcs are an invention of Tolkien. Please actually learn something about what you're saying before saying it. I'm a kind person so I don't want you to have to experience the taste of your own foot. They have no place in any mythology. Goblins don't even qualify as being on the level of "myth." They're more on the level of "**** medieval parents told their kids would happen to them if they misbehaved." Wyvern is just a fancy name for dragons. Angels are an order of magnitude above all those other creatures due to their presence in Abrahamic religions, which are globally dominant and have billions of adherents. All that said, it's always better to try to come up with your own concept of an original creature/race than to just brain-puke out all the stuff you read in high school. Maybe change some minor details for the sake of plausible deniability/avoid accusations of your dwarves being an arguably racist caricature of Jews.
  7. "Wasteland 2, or Give Every PC Blunt and Bludgeon Everyone You Meet" at long last. I dabbled in the beta build, kind of irritated that they actually removed portraits and customization options. I know it's not a big deal that the character models look like ass (in the bad way,) but I can't shake the irksome feeling I get from seeing character models in the character menus that would have looked cutting-edge in 2000 or so. I guess the great concept art aroused my expectations too much. Anyway, the UI changes are skewing toward good. And no radiation protection off the bat. Suikoden has been dead to me since 3. Even among awful JRPGs that one stood out considering the quality of its predecessors. I tried 4 and that was just like 5/10 mediocrity (which is beneath "worth playing" in gaming parlance.)
  8. It's kind of odd to combine a fancy-pants archaic German word for "price" with a misinterpretation of the Celtic (note: not Germanic,) mythological figure S├ętanta's voluntary entry into service (until such a time as he could pay to replace the hound,) in order to repay the debt of killing Culaan's hound (in self-defense, the entire matter being the fault of Conchobar,) by his own volition. If you'll excuse me, I've got to sate my Irish blood with some Whisky, lest someone say the word "work."
  9. Obviously they're sitting on the Gold product for another year, right? I mean, they wouldn't release a complete game when it's complete when they could just hemorrhage money into the pockets of employees with no work to do. Right? You're right. Of course you're right. Your logic is impeccable. The game is clearly complete and not subject to change, even though beta access for backers isn't even available. Beta is the same as gold, after all, as you well know. If a 3:4 isometric perspective game doesn't have 4096x4096 textures they're obviously cutting corners and cheating people like you who... didn't back the game.
  10. Steam's only flaw, in my experience, is the lack of returns/refunds. I seriously haven't had technical or moral issues with it in at least 4 years. If Origin were up to the task of competing that would be great, but EA isn't, because it's EA. Valve isn't dominant because it's the only game in town, it's dominant because they're the best by any stretch. GOG is fine for a bunch of polacks in someone's basement, and all, but it's still just a bunch of polacks selling old games from someone's basement.
  11. Tuna fish. That's what I have to say on the subject right now. If you don't like it, go drink some mercury.
  12. Any semblance of creativity or respectability. Discussion over. Full stop. Orcs, goblins and halflings can stay in their putrid, stagnant little plot in Tolkien-ripoff history. Obsidian can do better and they are doing better. GODLYKE 4 LYFE! WESTSIDE!
  13. Smoked Salmon (Chinook, best kind, I dare you to come up with a better species,) corn (on cob,) a Widmer heffe or two.
  14. Helicopters: Still probably a better choice than goofy boats that cost American taxpayers ludicrous amounts of money. Fun fact: Helicopters can fly at low enough altitudes to evade radar detection. THANKS DOD. I'M SURE THAT JOINT-STRIKE FIGHTER WILL TOTALLY BE WORTH IT IN THE END. What could be more convenient than having a bunch of psuedo-VTOLs on aircraft carriers which have done a bang-up job of launching and landing regular jets for half a century? (Mad props for your continuing competence, U.S. Navy.) Seriously, spend some goddamn money on a space elevator and we'll own space, America. Not that you dimwits in congress would understand that, because Christ. You know how much Space is worth? A hell of a lot more than a beach in arabia or whatever, that's how much.
  15. RISE FROM YOUR GRA-oh, everybody relevant knows what I'm referencing at this point, no reason to bother. Ain't none of your Dungeon Sieges or Diabloes up in this house.
  16. Tell me about yourself. That won't be awkward in any way. What can you tell me about this town? Want to have a sexy time? Is there a useful vendor of equipment hereabouts? LATA BITCHEZZZZZ
  17. Too many words. Did not read. Just waiting for game release. Full stop. I once used a ham radio. Lots of old guys. Not all of them were creepy. Not all. It's funner to go in more or less blind than to suck every little bit of info out of the devs for years.
  18. I don't know what ostensible nation-state you live in so there is no answer. I, for one, live in GOD BLESS AMERICA and my cousin is a lawyer so FREE (non-public defender) REPRESENTATION HAWHAWHAW. Rest of you schlubs are on your own.
  19. ohboyherewego.fileformat Anyone remember that time an EA exec said they'd never have sales on Origin because it would deprive devs of well-deserved cashmonies?
  20. Suspect, singular. Honestly, It'd be nice to get real Russian's input on these things rather than the slavophile equivalent of a North Korea fetishist.
  21. It's kind of telling that the "Origins sales" thread has gone for over a year without surpassing the 2 page mark.
  22. Stumbling across this zambambo thread, it's not a matter of spelling so much as tone (like a pro wrestler,) and punctuation (ending every other sentence with more than one period.) Unfortunately (that's a lie, being younger puts me that much closer to cybernetic immortality,) I'm too young to have been around for the golden age to which you are referring. RPing is one thing, ending half your sentence fragments with three or more periods is just incessant.
  23. Since my weekend starts today I went and drank a bit too much (more than a pint of whiskey,) ended up playing Skyrim and *shudder* enjoying it. With ample mods, of course. Who wouldn't regret a one-night stand with vanilla Skrim? More shameful than alcoholism, I agree.
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