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  1. Remember the part where the archdemon was a dragon? Oh yeah, remember how the dragon you saw on Skyrim is the Imperial heraldry/TES logo and not indicative of the game's content? I was going to ask what fallacious logic led to this conclusion but then I remembered you said you "debated this to death" on BSN, which explains pretty much everything. Pillars of Eternity is a game about souls, why aren't you angrily complaining that it's false advertising?
  2. The question is not about could you equip your wizard with heavy armor and sword and put him frontline - I believe you could, almost any game having wizards allows you to do this. The question is - could you make your wizard efficient in this role, or in any other role different then casting damaging\controlling spells staying outside of the battle? Let's take D&D games again - stone skin, (improved) mage armor, mirror image, (greater) heroism, intuitive strike, blades of fire, displacement, tenser's transformation, iron body, a-lot-of-other-spells, feats, prestige classes... I can keep co
  3. More or less this. But I don't have an issue with the art style so much as I have a problem with all the female portraits being freckled gingers with goth-levels of eyeshadow. Damn soulless gingers. At least I got my male Cleric rocking an afro and a handlebar moustache. That alone takes the game into solid 8/10 territory. Currently the female Wayfarer is disguised as a barrel and stealing paintings from an artist's stall in a marketplace because the rooster the artist is painting was rude.
  4. This is good... how, exactly? Does the president or prime minister of any nation personally order around every citizen (and non-citizen)? Civilization is a 4x game, it's not a micromanagement of a single settlement game. Apples are apples, oranges are oranges.
  5. Ohhhhhh, this I like. This is juicy. DO GO ON.
  6. I drank whiskey and ate kippered herring. I really hope the upset stomach isn't causally related.
  7. Oh my god, I love that ValborgSvensson (who never posted again,) thought his doubleposted Important Message was going to be read by the persons he replied to a year and a half after the fact. Yes, I did go back to find the precise date (05 January 2014) on which this thread was necromanced. Not quite 16 months after it was last posted in.
  8. There's always a beta, except when devs don't use typical software development lingo. Whether or not you get to pay to be an unpaid QA non-employee is up in the air. Seems like it's becoming a trend, lately. Personally, I don't want to play an unfinished game until it's finished.
  9. People constantly leave places behind completely in reality. Some people move out of their podunk dying country town to the big city and never go back; some people are born in the big city and finally get the chance to start a ranch in the middle of nowhere, whose nearest settlement is the aforementioned podunk dying country town. Video games are fundamentally limited in scope; they cannot depict every aspect of a world in a constantly changing state unless they are fundamentally simple or abstract.
  10. You can be a wizard with plate armor and a broadaxe (whether or not that's effective is questionable.) I think that's all that needs to be said. Actually, I'd like to be a fighter whose primary weapon type is "grimoire."
  11. I was honestly just going to ignore this based on the tl;dr, but you're self-aware of what you're doing so now we're in a whole other ballgame. I will make every character of every sex, race and class. Rolling characters is my methamphetamine. I will not be satisfied. Ever.
  12. "reuinon"? You deserve props for keeping up that weird faux-****ney pro-wrestler dialect with excessive periods (you know you shouldn't be starting sentences/paragraphs with ellipses, right? What is it that you're omitting?) on internet forums, but really? Come on. Normally it's "live and let live" for me, but this is egregious due to the pronunciation. Once you spell it that way it sounds like some kind of dry heave, as though you just stumbled on a corpse washed up on a riverbank after a week of floating.
  13. I don't disagree with your stance, but when I see I feel an intense yearning to not read this article.
  14. Just as an aside, Popeye's = better-than-kayeffsee deep-fried chicken. JUST. SAYIN'. I get enough **** for being the whitey who likes Popeye's over KFC, at least give me this.
  15. Will it? That's a stupid question, coming from one of ludicrous √Čire heritage. The state of drunkenness is always superior to the state of sobriety.
  16. Not a fan of the rock, paper. scissors mini-game either and an option to disable it and just roll the dice (as it used to be earlier in beta) was requested by a bunch of people (including yours truly). The dialogues very early in are a tad cheesy I'll admit, it usually does get better later in the game though if their earlier games are anything to go by. Of course if Larian's sense of humour doesn't appeal to you you're out of luck I guess. Generally speaking, I play RPGs for their existence as RPGs, rather than an attempt at "parodying" RPGs. The latter is the best sense I get out of D:
  17. I gave super many ****s about the Copa del Mondo when I was at a family reunion when my BFF cousin was in attendance (because she gives many ****s,) this time, not so much. I have always had one expectation: America will lose (the REAL America, not Brasil or whatever, you don't count, guys. Join the Union and call yourselves slums instead of favelas and maybe we can talk.)
  18. Amazing, you've managed to prove scientifically that there is only a single "correct" French accent for spoken English. A French actress speaking English in a game world where French doesn't even exist so it's actually irrelevant is simply faking it, obviously. You should have a PhD in linguistics for this remarkable discovery.
  19. It's only risky if you take risks. There are plenty of safe investments, like water. When is the value of water going to decrease? Never. That's not rhetorical. The answer is "never." A risky investment usually doesn't pay off, and you really have to be in contact with the right people at the right time to be able to get in on the ground floor when it comes to your googles and facebooks and such. If you're studying, try studying CS and math so you can write yourself some good trading algorithms.
  20. inb4 deleted and redirected to Bethesda's forums. NV ultimate edition is currently $11.99 on Steam. that's about 10% of what you would have paid for the game at launch and all the individual DLC when they were released. If you're not playing on PC, well... What are you even doing?
  21. My initial plan is the same as before; try every class for the PC and roll with whichever one is the most agreeable to me. Chargen is the golden hour of RPGs for me.
  22. Why should there be any call for backtracking to minor places simply because they are minor? Shouldn't any/every bandit encampment have at least 3 high level quests tied to it even after cleaning it out at level 2? Your logic, not mine. A video game is a video game, not a realistic simulation of a universe. They can't produce a sentient, self-aware AI for every NPC (or any NPC for that mnatter,) and allow you to type in any possible dialogue such that you can play with it like you're on a star trek holodeck. Have you ever gone on a road trip? Why didn't you stop to set down roots in every
  23. There should be a global "I never read and never will read the game info/updates" thread.
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