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  1. Fighters are able to do an average amount of damage all day long. Mages are able to do MASSIVE AOE damage for few minutes before resting. The same is with tanking - there are some spells like mirror image, stone\iron skin, energy immunity, etc... that could make your mage almost immortal for some short period of time, fighters on the other hand could survive some lesser beating but all day long... Balance. P.S. But yeah, most of the IE games allow you to rest almost anywhere (just quick save before) so mages quickly become more powerful then any melee character.
  2. Plunging fire on a target 5-10 meters far... this would look... special.
  3. Composite bows allow to add *some* of your character STR bonus to damage, not STR bonus x1.5 like melee two-handed does. So the ranged damage output will always be lower this way. This also means you should invest into STR to have some benefits from this weapon. The problem is ranged to-hit depends on DEX and moving some points to STR means you sacrifice to-hit for damage, while melee character could concentrate on one ability and rise both to-hit and damage. I've heard that in some D&D redactions PBS added significant damage bonus, but my opinion is that this was a wrong decision, this wa
  4. I think that your deflection with the weapon more depends on your training and personal preferences then on weapon type. And *IF* something like this will be in the game I would prefer the Drakensang way - leveling your character select what to rise, offensive mastery or defensive, or both. BTW, there were some weapons with defense bonuses\penalties. But most of the weapons didn't provided any defense modifications. And once again, I'm not sure that PoE needs all these things. Just my opinion.
  5. The idea itself is probably good. You are right, armed with the sword you have better chances to deflect incoming sword blow than with your bare hands. But this will complicate the things that is already complicated enough, on the other hand, I'm not sure if this will add something valuable to gameplay. Edit: Something like that I've seen in Drakensang: The Dark Eye, rising you weapon skills you could select where to add the points - offense or defense. However personally I never put them to defense line.
  6. I love how DnD done with this issue - you apply your STR to to-hit & damage. With ranged you apply your DEX to to-hit, but not to damage. And there are some bows that allow you to apply some small amount of STR to damage. So in the end, melee characters do more damage, ranged do less damage but from the safe distance and more flexible in general - you can attack these casters hiding behind the enemy fighters, interrupt his spells, etc... Done. Why to fix things that weren't broken?
  7. In the first levels you never had that problem when you started BG1 ? never ? really ? I mean it takes a bit of time before obtaining a decent spellbook or even to get to level 3. Invulnerable in the first levels maybe for a veteran gamer but i would never put a low level mage in the front line, my fighters are here for that so my mage only have to cast protection spells against other spells and projectiles. "Also I don't see anything wrong with enemies trying to bypass the front line to get to the squishies." I am talking about a goblin who i don't know how succeed to pass between 3 f
  8. Any *right* wizard or sorcerer should have mage armor, stone skin, blur, protection from arrows, mirror image and a lot of other things that allow him to stay in the center of trash mobs group and killing them being almost invulnerable.
  9. PoE is not yet a masterpiece in any kind. BG's mechanic was good at 1998, but D&D was significantly improved since then. You can't create a masterpiece giving a player less freedom and character development options then in far 1998.
  10. It seems a bit ridiculous to me, to compare PoE role system with one used in the game released at the end of the 1998, more then 15 years ago. Don't get me wrong, the old things is not necessary bad or worse, and I really love old and good IE engine games (right now playing BG:EE) but I believe new games should be better and use more advanced mechanic. It's called "progress".
  11. Back to accuracy. Well, I believe the problem is with the term itself. It's used a bit wrong in PoE. What 'accuracy' basically is? It's an ability to deal a precise strike. Yeah if you have enough MIG to handle your weapon and enough PER to see the target then it's possibly completely covered by your DEX. But the problem is - accuracy itself is not enough to hit the real target, a monster or a knight with sword and board that does not want you to hit him! He will try to dodge your hit, to block it with the sword or shield, and finally - you have to pierce its armor (deflection) to hit... So yo
  12. 2Lephys I'm mostly agreed with everything you have said about accuracy, dexterity, might and perception. The only thing that confuses me a bit is that how complicated thing become. You have a heavy crossbow let's say. It is heavy enough to have some MIG requirements, so you should calc an accuracy penalty (or even a bonus - not sure) based on the difference with your actual MIG. Now at the battlefield you have to calc how far your target is and calculate your accuracy penalty\bonus coming from PER. And also you have to combine these all with your base DEX-provided accuracy. And also, this way
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