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  1. No! I did not, nor have I ever made the claim that the means a cosmetic and should be elimated. I recognize the frustration of finding this to be the truth in many games but do not make me implicit in any way of wanting such games. I have claimed, or agreed with, the proposition that encounter per day seemed like a solution that adhered more to IE games than DA games, not that I prefered such a system or that it should be dumbed down even further. But not much more than that. The other claim I possibly can have made in this thread, is that there should be some other system of regai
  2. I take your point, without reservation, I can only blame it on a moment of madness, which struck suddenly and hopefully has passed. But to say that magic is not an alternative way of solving problems, that I have some objections with. First: I would like to point out that I did not say just a way, but a way. A crucial distinction. Secondly: Yes, if you only have to get to the other side of the door, if you choose to lockpick it, or break it, or meld with it and unmeld on the other side, then yes the result is basically the same Thirdly: Different "classes" does present differen
  3. I had no idea, although I'm not surprised, they are clever people Are they still experimenting with diffent systems, or is that time passed in the development?
  4. True, although, in combat at least, magic is fx damage, is it not? From a roleplaying perspective, though, magic takes on a whole other aspect, and bring a different set of solutions to problems. Why jump over the gorge when a levitaion spell can do the trick? And in some sense magic only gives another way of dealing with the problem that that annoying ogre who keeps popping up, bothering you all the time, presents.
  5. Slightly exaggerated sigh! I guess per-encounter is in keepin with the IE spirit more, in fact it absolutely is. But, I still think that PoE has a good thing going with the whole separate stamina and health system, and thought perhaps ability and spell use could be tied to stamina in some way, as it makes some conceptual sense, and would make the resolve attribute more interesting, for mages at least.
  6. I should just like to say that I didn't know that Gorbag, and I really appreciate the answer, especially since it confirms the effort Obsidian is actually making to resolve some of the issues of the IE games I could only glean so much information of the game's wiki page, and without having the beta some questions, and conserns, remained. I guess all have to do is wait and see just which spells, and at which level they become per encounter
  7. One of the problems I can see is the question of just how close to a AD&D, or IE, game you want to keep it, since I actually find mana/stamina cost use a good system and AD&D doesn't have that, possibly because of the difficulty of keeping track of such numbers in a PnP game. But a computer doesn't have that restriction and could allow for such a system, so why not implement it?
  8. Oh, I agree with having restrictions. What I oppose really is the way the amount of spells cast over a course of an adventure is nerfed, not the balance between AoEs and single targets, or sudden high damage versus low damage over time. Why can't there be another way of regaining spellcasting other than sleep. Fighters can rest a while and catch their breath, why can't mages? BG2 resting became more necessary in ToB because the fighters needed to sleep as well to regain their abilities, and not only the mages, or the priests.
  9. Hello, this is my first time posting on a forum, ever, but I would like to put my two cents in, as it were, even though the game probably is to late in the development process. So even if my post would be read and considered applicable, it will probably not have any effect whatsoever. Well, one lives in hope I guess. Ok, now to the actual proposition: How come wizards are limited by spells per day? I've always found this higly confounding, and that it messed with the balance of the game. It seemed uneeven, since I could clear a dungeon with a fighter (with careful playing and attention
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