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  1. Spoiler: The number of ****s I gave about Eiger was close to zero.
  2. Sort of kind of played the Warmachine Tactics beta but it was really beta and decided to just wait. Felt a lot like X-COM but with extra crap they didn't explain to me, with steam pipes.
  3. Even if I were completely sober, I would actually believe such a stupid topic were actually discussed in-depth without bothering to look at the old thread. SUCH IS THE WAY OF THE NERD. After all, not even the worst fanfiction writer has yet topped the infamous "Tali sweat" fiasco on BSN.
  4. I behaved like a global citizen and ate Taco Bell along with a healthy side of whiskey. Alcohol brings peace to us all. Except for the ones who it doesn't. Rhetorically, of course, I don't wish to implicate myself in any crimes.
  5. It's Obama's fault. Racism was over until he was elected by racist negroes and white race-traitors who betrayed their own race to vote for an illegal Kenyan Taliban. Police never shot young black males in the US before Obama. Or, at least, it wasn't a problem in the media before a ****** was president thanks to international espionage. It's all part of the ongoing Stalinist conspiracy to destroy democracy and freedom thereby oppressing the most oppressed and disenfranchised of all classes, white American males. Racism was over when Ronald Reagan descended from heaven as the Second Coming
  6. This is new... when, exactly? The police aren't loyal to the law of the land, they're loyal to themselves and their Police Union compatriots. Decades of psychological/sociological studies have suggested such. It's Obama's fault. Racism was over until he was elected by racist negroes and white race-traitors who betrayed their own race to vote for an illegal Kenyan Taliban. Police never shot young black males in the US before Obama. Or, at least, it wasn't a problem in the media before a ****** was president thanks to international espionage. It's all part of the ongoing Stalinist
  7. Interesting in that the industry at large will still behave as though teen boys playing cawwadoody and madden are the sole audience for video games, right? And that they're dependent on Christmas presents from mommy and daddy for new games and thus major game releases will be focused in the fall of any given fiscal year.
  8. Why ask what the weather is going to be like if you're just going to find out tomorrow anyway? ... Just curious, I guess. Because you can prepare for the weather and not get rained on without an umbrella or sunburnt without sunscreen. Weather, after all, can be forecast with a high degree of accuracy in the short term. If the beta contains a small fraction of the full game's content then it's probably not worth paying for if you're looking for a sizable amount of content.
  9. What about the other three? And Angela "Easy Mode" Death? You might as well, you can clear it in one weekend with time to spare.
  10. Calling Mass Effect a "cRPG" is fundamentally incorrect. It was clearly designed to be a console-oriented game. Besides, writing in video games is writing in video games. It's not like the writing in games of any given genre is something fundamentally different. Running through the village square shouting out your opinions on the crappiness of ME's overall story and its gaping plotholes is a great example of the idiom "beating a dead horse." In this case, you're just smacking a thoroughly liquefied puddle of former-horse. At this point there is no worthwhile reason to start threads t
  11. Swarms of dreaded pests like rats and locusts. Sure, you're not going to do any immediate damage unless you're going all Dishonored up in this sheeeeeeeeeeit, but hey, you can wipe out a whole year's harvest or spread a virulent plague. Like...? Which animals have ranged attack capabilities? Some fish that spit water to knock bugs off of branches, frogs and chameleons with their sticky-ass tongues (not very long range.) That's about it. If your ranger has trouble knocking bugs into the Amazon, then you're onto something. The point of a ranger's animal companion is, from a sys
  12. Look man, I do what I can do to help y'all. But the game is out there, and it's either play or get played. I ain't never put my gun on nobody that wasn't in the game.
  13. Got pretty fed up with the Highpool voting debacle in Wasteland 2, so I've gone back to NV. Thinking of making a character based on Omar Little.
  14. So, given the logical infallibility of this product in classical economics... Butts. The value of imaaginary Kim Kardashian butts has proven to have real value (imagine the values of real Kim Kardashian butts; it's practically an entire economy in itself!) What's the purely rational, self-interested return on this? "I don't know" - Chicago/Austrian economists Welcome to the world of soft science! It's not math, it's not physics, it's not chemistry; it's politics masquerading as science.
  15. Wait what Isn't JRPG combat usually turnbased? <_< I thought Inquisition looks more like every action rpg in existence, except that you can control whole party Not ragging on you, BrokenMask, but too lazy to lead from the post you've quoted. You know what's turn-based? X-COM. Wasteland 2. Monopoly. Parcheesi. Chess. If anyone can't handle the tactical depth of turn-based strategy they should stick to squirting as many zerglings as possible out of their imaginary zerg birth canals. You ****ing zerg ****. What a goddamn *****. You think you're going to impress your pare
  16. Is not the point of Rangers having non-human companions to cover their weakness to short-range combat? You summon your bestial goons to deal with enemies so that you can shoot others in peace, no?
  17. Neutrality is always more interesting than good or evil; "evil" is more simplistic than "good," and neutrality is closer to real human motivations than either. Forcing the game world to deal with the nigh-insurmountable whims of a chaotic neutral PC, that's what interests me. Not some [blank] Evil piece of garbage masquerading as a sentient organism, or a lawful good paladin of "justice," a real neutral party who is only interested in their own well-being. Those are the characters who are interesting. Like Bunk said in The Wire: "A Man must have a Code." That doesn't mean good or evil, it
  18. I know it's orders of magnitude more complex, but enemy AI is really what makes me feel a difference in difficulty. Buffing their stats is obvious, plain and straightforward, but when they exploit the same tactical opportunities as the player can, it feels more... "real"?
  19. Coolest story, brother. Not that I need to pay attention to anything but your OP since it is intended to challenge PoE's Kickstarter-backed features. I'm sure your creative heroes at EA will show Obsidian up with a plethora of romancable companions and thus win the war for Baldur's Gate's Legacy. Once the Legacy is unlocked, all of space and time belong to the owner, which must be Bioware/EA, of course. Cue sexually-themed insults at Obsidian from Bioware (fans of the presumably male gender, given traditional fields of excitement,) who are clearly not kindred spirits with similar interests, bu
  20. "Pacemaker" would be more interesting, because, you know; middle-easterners dying from cultural conflict is old news and, thus, not entertaining to those of us who live in the "first world."
  21. As a person who has been cursed with American culture, I have to say, baseball is somehow far more entertaining than handegg (a.k.a "football" minus the feet and the ball except for occasional special occasions.) I'd rather fall asleep at a baseball game than stay awake for a whole handegg game. Tactics, schmactics. Sun Tzu would attack from the bleachers. Come on, you can't legitimately call it "football" when the one single player on the team who acually kicks the "ball" with his foot is the lowest ranked/least respected.
  22. Got murdered by a bunch of zambie boars in D:OS, don't feel any spite about it. Getting guilt-tripped by radio messages about ag-center stuff in Hghwater's various tunnels in Wasteland 2, trying hard to be callous and say "Vargas you're a stupid mother****er, if these chumps are so important, send some ****ing rangers to kill those stupid exploding plants." If Angela "death" Death can accompany the player then they must have decent level 8+ rangers to deal with those stupid bomb-plants. If not, just give up. Let the Brotherhood of Steel or Enclave invade the Wasteland universe through sim
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