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  1. What part of hearkening back to the golden age of CRPGs made you expect "cutting edge graphics to justify the $1k I dropped on that Titan Black"?
  2. All? If you don't try every race then you're probably missing out on something worthwhile.
  3. I've always thought that D&D should be viewed as an example of what not to emulate in a game system, really. If it lacks balance then it's of no value so long as you follow the Tao.
  4. The writing wasn't great, but the overall concept worked. It was quite ham-fisted, but it still worked, to their credit. It was really about Carol and Tyreese, anyway.
  5. You're right about that much. It's all color-coded morality. Oh no! I have too much red in my meter! Better say some nice things! Watch out, being nice also equals "I want to put my crotch in your crotch" in Biowarese. Biowarian. Whatever the subtextual language is called.
  6. Pshhhhhh. PSHHHHHHHHHH. My Irish blood boils as I drink something non-Irish. Cheapo mixer New Amsterdam vodka (stuff tastes like Isopropyl neat,) with soy sauce (the Manchurian Candidate.) The proud, emaciated masses of Éire aren't the only ones to learn the value of potato starch! Also the non-existent Polish family who first made wodka. I have to honor my 1/2 Han Chinese (by way of Taiwan, ROC! ROC! ROC!) family members, hence the soy sauce. If they were Japanese instead I'd be eating Natto and vomiting simultaneously. Best part is, with the proper ratio it looks identical
  7. The Manchurian Candidate. It was a fluke, a whim, but it turned out to be a real drink. I feel like Prometheus. It doesn't matter if someone discovered something before you, if you discovered it without prior knowledge, you're on even ground with the person/people who first discovered it. Ignorance is bliss, ignorance is truth, going from ignorance to knowledge on your own is the epitome of human intellect.
  8. I don't even care if Volourn's offended. It's like some kind of internal argument preparing for a philosophy paper. Also guns. Pow. On topic. I shot the topic through the heart with .44 SWC whose existence I discovered through New Vegas.
  9. Russia, and stuff. Super relevant. Still think Obama's nose should be buried in Chinese ass (nonexistant as it may be, ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!)
  10. Do birds live in caves? Dragons are stupider than birds, confirmed by SCIENCE! Fighter jets and bombers don't land on the ground for a fair fight with infantry. If dragons can't be bothered to use common sense then they're just big dumb lizards with pointless skinflaps on their backs. How'd they even pass natural selection with that level of stupid? If a goose can fly south for the winter then a dragon could stand to stay airborne long enough to fry some douchebag conveniently wearing a steel pot on his head.* If you've got air superiority and you deliberately avoid using it, you're
  11. I saw some promo or something about it on Steam but if it's about DotA2 and not about TF2 I give negative ****s. Literally sucking turds up like time is running in reverse.
  12. NO. WAY. I thought brains were the most durable and unessential parts of an organism's body! Of course, considering the way dragons land and fight on the ground instead of just hocking fireballs from 50m or strafing with firebreath, their brains must be pretty small. Honestly, unless they're hungry they should just fly away. If they are hungry, I'm sure there are (invisible) herds of cattle, 1hp townsfolk and whatnot to eat. Maybe a nautical dragon that eats like a pelican. The only way anybody ever gets to become a famous dragonslayer is by virtue of the dragon's stupidity, not t
  13. It's based solely on the name, since I know nothing about the content of either game. I mean the commonality itself isn't that great, but for me it's just a combination of a negating prefix plus some random word. I also used to get Company of Heroes mixed up with Medal of Honor, up until the point I played the former. So you're not a native English speaker, then (that's your best excuse at this point)? The words are phonetically quite distinct, and their meanings are practically polar opposites. To be uncharted is to be unknown, to be infamous is to be well-known. Also, some
  14. I actually spit out a drink laughing when oby presented Russia (as some sort of rat-human hybrid, as though that's some grandiose imagery,) as the liberator of Europe from itself (see: everything he's ever said about Western Europe/Europeans.) A country which has never really been considered part of Europe, with a culture that's never really been considered European, with no cultural/ethnic connections or heritage shared with western Europe prior to 40-30,000 BCE. 99.7% comedy gold. If the U.S. government had half a brain it'd start brown-nosing China to create a trans-pacific anti-Soviet
  15. Gears of War is about a huge jaw with a hat mounted on a column of muscle with a greater diameter than that of the entire skull which tops it angsting about someone's wife or something. God of War (singular,) is about a smaller jaw with no hat QTEing and softcore nudity to appeal to 13 year olds too cowardly to search for porn on the internet. I don't get Uncharted and Infamous. Kind of hard to mix those up.
  16. The gameplay was improved. If you removed all RPG elements from both ME and ME2, ME2 would handily come out the victor. ME's gameplay was clunky and awkward. There wasn't anything about ME that was "smarter" than ME2's combat, unless you're just spamming "FORTIFICATION! *trollface*," in which case one could only say that ME2 was better balanced. Is this indictment or praise? I've never played GoW (as I own zero ecksbawkses), I just know about tree-trunk necks with bulging veins.
  17. This isn't how to properly quote other posters. JUUUUUUUST SAAAAYIN' It's also a blatant misuse of underlined text. Not that anybody appreciates the purpose or value of underlines these days. If they're in the same industry they're competitors. Apples and oranges are both fruit. If oranges want to succeed, people have to buy less of every other fruit.
  18. Same here. Indecisiveness FTW(?) Maybe I'm just waiting for my parents to kick the bucket and leave their house to me so I can jump a few rungs in society and qualify as a home/landowner without putting in the work of saving up money for a down payment and then 30 years of monthly payments (and rent out rooms, leveraging a free property into a source of income from which to launch a glorious real-estate empire.) I don't incur debts. I learned that much from economics, at the very least. Debt might drive the economy, but on an individual level it's never a good thing (unless you're the lender a
  19. http://teamcoco.com/video/triumph-wiener-circle Pshhh, you call that the Leo Strut?
  20. The game I've played most in my life (according to Steam,) is Team Fortress 2 (four digits.) There's utterly, absolutely, positively no need for a "campaign" or single-player mode there. If a game was designed to be competitive multiplayer, let it be what it was meant to be. Don't bother trying to project your ideal preference onto every big title; you're just going to be disappointed. Alternately, if you don't like FPS (FPSs? FPSes?) don't play them. Problem solved. World peace achieved. Go to bed now.
  21. So, in summation: You felt ashamed while playing Skyrim. The end. Fin. Finito. Full stop. Halt. Beenden. 停止
  22. I drank a lot of gin because I was out of whiskey, to my shame, so I decided to see how this cluster**** was going. I think it's still a valid descriptor. Requesting the logic behind this image. Being a dominatrix (don't play dumb, that image can only be construed one way by people with working brains, a way which has nothing to do with the actual issue, as misguided as they may be.) has nothing to do with being assertive in the workplace/daily life. S&M is a fetish subculture, not a mass social movement. Anyway, I need to go driving to the liquor store to buy some
  23. That's like saying "I'm totally not racist, but why aren't the black people eating watermelon and drinking purple drank?" If you have to preface your "argument" with "I'm so not aroused by chainmail bikinis, because I only have eyes for my significant other [in case they're reading this post] but I think there should be chainmail bikinis, you know, for human rights and LGBT freedom and stuff." That is what you're tacitly inferring by comparing those of us with enough sense to realize it's absurd to bible-thumping Christian conservatives. What you want is simple objectification of women. I
  24. From a "duh" or "no brainer" perspective, simply limiting the amount of ammunition a character can carry into a fight is what makes the most sense. Why would a quiver change the properties or composition of an arrow? If it did, why wouldn't a sheath change the properties or composition of a sword? If turning junky handmade driftwood arrows with flint heads into godslaying arrows of might is a matter of simply dipping it into a bucket you carry on your back, then why shouldn't fighters be able to turn every rusty iron sword they come across into the One True Sword of Divine Mi
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