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  1. Is it true he's a closet homosexual btw?

  2. Your overlord is a piece of **** and you are a turd licker

  3. What a shallow piece of ****. Free speech is fine until he gets butthurt eh?

  4. You can tell UnderImbecile he can **** himself after banning me 3 times already

  5. Back to SA you waste of human ressources

  6. I'll just copy-paste my complains about the Monk from a different thread here. - Stunning Blow's description says it can only be used with a melee weapon. Same goes for Torment's Reach. If my Monk can attack from a distance and increase his or her attacks' reach at all, he/she should be able to do the same with his/her fists too. I'd suggest making these abilities weapon-independent, since they do sound good and I don't see why an unarmed Monk should be gimped in this manner. - Which, I guess, boils down to the general problem I have with the Monk currently - namely, the (lack of) acti
  7. Yeah, the relative speed of combat/damage/healing vs. the speed at which you get wounds is a concern of mine too, which I mentioned in the Codex thread but forgot to mention in the OP. Gonna edit that in now. Agreed about the lack of wound feedback, too.
  8. I wonder what other people's thoughts on the Monk class are. I've fooled around with one a bit in the current beta build until it started to crash on reload for me, and I have the following to report. First, I have to say I do like the underlying wounds mechanic, and I'm strongly considering playing a Monk in my first playthrough of the full game. However, just from my brief time with this class, I also have some concerns/complaints/questions. - Stunning Blow's description says it can only be used with a melee weapon (i.e. can't be used in unarmed combat). Why can't I stun people with
  9. I think we still have to enter the data for the backer memorials and some of the unique items, but otherwise, yes. All of the locations, NPCs, items, etc. are built and all (except for a few of the items) are placed in the world. Greeeeat to hear. I'm sure you took many liberties with the RPG Codex backer content, too
  10. What about all the backer content, including locations and NPCs? Are you already done implementing all of it by now?
  11. Sorry if this has been posted here already - I did a search but couldn't find it. Anyway, we at the Codex have recently published this Top 70 PC RPGs as decided by user voting, complete with user-submitted mini-reviews. Might be interesting for some people here, since PS:T is #1 (surprisingly enough for the Codex) and most of Obsidian's games are included too: http://www.rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=9453
  12. RPG Codex: Putting the swords back in RPGs since 2002. We got a location plus some bonus stuffies and thingies, yeah, but let that be a surprise. ^_^
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