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  1. While I find their presence to be vaguely irritating, I remind myself that without the people who provided that level of backing, this game would've been unlikely to occur.
  2. I backed the game because of the camera. After NWN2, never a rotating camera again.
  3. I'm glad we're here, and my sense of optimism for the game has returned. I seem to be one of the few who was irritated by the "The Making Of..." released parts rather than enamoured with it. Seemed like they had got the world's smallest violinist in to play over a description of what for all the world looks to be standard running of a development company. Anyway... 1. You're wrong. It might gripe, it might be unfair, and I agree that many of those youtubers I wouldn't trust to play Kandy Krush, but... a) This was Paradox's decision with the marketing, not Obsidian. b) If the steam and gog pre-orders are anything to go by, the marketing strategy worked. Paradox chose people for exposure, not for technical skill or interest in the genre. I think, irritating as it might be for backers, this has been the better way to promote PoE. 2. Whatever. To be honest, I think you and many others have a desperately overinflated view of our importance to anything. 3. Nah. Kickstarter has its own guarantees (and that is to say very little), Obsidian didn't need to put anything more out. No point making yourself any more accountable than you need to be, and no sense making your life unneccesarily difficult when you have a business to run.
  4. My opinion of this entire thread has done a complete 180 since I simply imagined the possibility that the OP might be a trolling clunge ferrret and have no intention whatsoever of playing their first run on Iron Man themselves. If this turns out to be true then I love you, OP.
  5. we see the recent thread where folks is complaining about backer inscribed tombstones in poe being immersion breaking. brings back fond memories o' the meltdown numerous boardies had when they heard that Gromnir would be included in bg2... which were later changed to tob. Gromnir killed "immersion." HA! makes the tombstones seem tame by comparison. "Rats. You got me. I'll concede the road. " nothing to concede. there is no winners, only losers... multiple meanings intended. HA! Good Fun! I am now officially scared to play the ****ing game in case anyone here ends up on the main path. Great.
  6. You're thinking Druid. Druids win battles, Ciphers win wars. Or to phrase it another way... Druids win battles in around 5 seconds, with several party members knocked out and maybe some permadead, Ciphers win the same battles in around 40 seconds, with everyone at nearly full health. I respect Druids, but they are a class that demands a lot of sacrifices - mainly from other members of the team.
  7. To go back to the original point I am absolutely stunned that you regard what is surely the most powerful class in the game right now as needing buffing.
  8. Wonderful works. Absolutely superb. I also can see the reasons for the watermarks, and I respect that you've put the watermarks somewhere they can easily be cropped out. Although having read some of the responses in this thread, I actually dearly wish that they would've been far more intrusive. Some of the entitlement (some of which comes from people who I would've hoped to have been above that sort of thing) beggars belief.
  9. With the greatest of respect to Obsidian, this. This, this, this, this, this. It is one thing to watch 40 hours of gameplay fall down the drain when it is remotely your fault, but when that one save can easily be wiped through no fault of your own... Obviously it's up to the individual, but not only do I have no intention of going near this (even though I don't mind a bit of PotD) I actually encourage those who are thinking of it to reconsider for their own sanity and Obsidian's name.
  10. Those thoughts exactly went through my mind before I decided to pick a cipher. So I played the backer beta twice today. BB party + PC Priest & Companion Druid = Full party wipe at first set of beetles. BB party + PC Cipher & Companion Cipher = Full beetle wipe with less than 20 health taken off the entire party. <3 Ciphers <3
  11. Although thinking about it, if I had two Ciphers I might not need a healer.
  12. Was going to write a huge wad of text for this; instead decided to chop it down. With the companions that I like the look of, I am going to be without a healer, so I shall be a Priest. I'm committed to Eothas, for whatever that means in the Dyrwood, and in battle I wade with my flail and shield on the front lines. I'm not particularly mighty, nor do I possess a hardy constitution. I am relatively dextrous and perceptive however, and possess an extremely high intelligence coupled with a strong resolve. The idea of the build is that I have a support character who has scope to heal although primarily off-tanks. I've tried to spread my attributes a little because I want to unlock the occasional option of dialogue rather than simply buying access to all the clever responses. I may yet actually swap intelligence and perception.
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