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  1. Obviously, it's going to be a Sci-Fi RPG exclusive for the XBOX720, published by Microsoft to replace ME for going multiplatform. A man can dream ...
  2. Well, aren't you the lucky one! I got a call from the bank, 4 hours after the kickstarter ended (7 am) waking me up and asking me what the hell was I doing, purchasing stuff off the internet at 7 am. It's my money, bank! Just shut up and take it!
  3. A big thanks to all the backers. There's plenty of people starved for a good cRPG out there. A big thanks to Alvin, Chris, Tim, Rob, Adam, Feargus, Bobby Null, Josh, "Oscuro" Salgado and everyone else that kept us company over the live stream. Feargus, I can only hope you keep Aidan away from sugar. He's gonna be a real handful with a sugar rush. Thanks to all the ladies working in Obsidian and putting up with all the sleazy people in the chat. Tina still has the best hair. All the guys, keep sporting those awesome beards. Adam, for a moment I thought Moby had entered the Obsidian offices. Put on some weight, good man! I was really let down Tim hadn't prepared any cookies or other snacks for the live stream. Oh, and one more thing; WOOOOOOOOO!
  4. Rather trivial, but I'm wondering; will Project Eternity be the game's name throughout development or is it just a token name till the Obs guys come up with a more fitting one? I like the implications of a "Project Eternity" in game and what that would entail.
  5. You know, I don't think I've seen a few large gamings sites, like gametrailers and gamespot, make a few references to PE. Especially GameSpot. No interviews with the Obs staff, though. I know that GT and GS aren't the target crowd for games like PE, but it could offer a little push both in donations and popularity for the project.
  6. Well, the Cipher class sounds a bit broken. Gameplay wise. I believe that, since a Cipher can manipulate the soul of another bearer, he could also very well drain it from him. Or possibly weaken it or render it useless for a time. This could be a very big gameplay advantage. I assume that is the point of the class. Sort of a buffer/debuffer mostly. Man, I'm thinking all sorts of cheats with the Cipher right now. Love, love, love the adventurer hall. You know, this entire setting gives me the idea that you all brainstormed on making this world for a custom d20 campaign and that the 6 main characters were all just your PCs. If so ... could you guys film it and upload it on, say, youtube. The entire community would love to see you play a game in PE's setting. It could also work as an introduction into the world and give us a feel of what to expect and it would be quite a way to advertise your product. OK, so I just want to see you guys RP'ing. No harm in that!
  7. I'm sure we'll all have our fun with it once PE comes out. Hope there's cheats. Cheats always help make a game more fun. If they're whacky enough. Yeah, Arcanum was pretty unforgiving. For more reasons than just the combat, I'd say. Icewind Dale manages to hit the sweet spot for me, as does ToEE. PST was basically constant easy mode. Just go mage on it and you've won the game.
  8. I have a friend who just loves a good RPG. He just ... sucks at video games. He plays all his games on easy and uses cheats, when he's able to. He loves a good interactive story. I'm hoping to get this for him once it comes out, if he doesn't get it himself. I'm certain this won't be any more difficult than Witcher 2 on easy. To him, however, Witcher 2 on easy was challenging. Hopefully, he will have fun.
  9. Well ... this is awkward. I would for once like to see a villain that is ... completely right in his motives. I remember once reading about this D&D campaign where the DM was simultaneously with playing two different groups in the same campaign. In one group, there was a necromancer that raised the dead, and made them do labour, usually of the extremely dangerous kind that most people wouldn't willingly take up. He'd also leave an associate in charge in each place he visited. Of course, there were some civilian casualties, on occasion. So the second group would put the zombies down and kill the necromancer's apprentices, wherever they'd arise. In the end, the necromancer came face to face alone with the second group, a broken man, all his friends dead and all his life's work destroyed. In the end he had nothing left, but to fight to his death for what he worked for his entire life. I'm sure there's better examples than this, but few more base to make my point. So, I would like a villain, or a group of villains, that for all intents and purposes, despite his/her/their bad rep and questionable methods, wasn't/weren't that bad after all. The villains shouldn't always be demonized, IMHO.
  10. I was wondering. Besides regular armor, can we get a regular attire? Commoner clothes or a gentleman's attire? I always liked having my stylish gentleman in F:NV, going around and playing fisticuffs with deathclaws. The fights didn't always end in his favor, but he sure looked suave for a corpse.
  11. The 'souls' segment kind of reminds me of a different game I played recently. The PC as well as the two accompanying NPCs could all awaken new souls inside them, that also granted them new spells and abilities. Not a bad idea. I just wonder how versatile such a mechanic could get. As much as I like the idea of a character whose background involves him squaring off with people who possess far stronger souls, I hope this doesn't eventually go off into DragonBall territory. I love having the ocean as an insurmountable obstacle. It's a little disheartening that I realize we won't be able to explore the deep sea and all the eldritch horrors that inhabit it, though. I guess we'll have to settle with whaterver takes refuge near the surface. Back in the days of BGI&II, I remember finding a couple of enemy adventurers, every once in a while. I was quite enraged by their complete and utter disregard for their companions well being, as they sent fireballs amidst my group, thus killing me and their companions as well. Which was exactly why I refrained from hurling fireballs at them. Would love to have a group or two of them as recurring throughout the story, as well. Speaking of which, any chance we'll get to square off against an entire, well rounded enemy party in the end, as opposed to a single arch-villain? Would make for a harder final battle as well. I'm pretty sure you guys can pull off more than a few memorable characters, as the antagonists. MCA's head must be full with antagonists so firmly on the grey side, we'd all stop and wonder whether we are the heroes or the actual villains in the game, by the end of it. If only they could work together for a common goal?
  12. Romances are usually very hit and miss. I'd rather be able to know a character better without having to go to bed with them. A good romance is always welcome, though.
  13. I like collecting items. I like having one of each type of armor/weapon/accessory and all the unique types of gear. My characters in the Gothic games were mobile arsenals. Which is why I hate weight/inventory limits. I do hate immunities, though.
  14. The thing that I expect most from my companions is for them to be memorable. Getting into the old Gothic games, I remember fondly every time I went into a quest with Diego and the lot. They weren't particularly fleshed out and of course that is a serious drawback, but you went through enough adventures together and they all stuck with you to the end. Typical and possibly shallow bromance, but it helps. I could say the same thing about Morte in PS:T, Garrus in ME, Minsc in BG and Alistair in DA:O, although they were far more fleshed out. Unfortunately, not that many in F:NV and I'm guessing that's because, well, I could only carry one party member with me at a time, so there wasn't enough time to bond and I mostly focused on who complemented my PC best combat-wise. On the other hand, a couple of unique and interesting characters like Kreia, best character in an RPG ever, would also be nice. Or ones that include an interesting arc around them, like Dak'kon. The Circle of Zerthimon arc is one of my favorites. I would also like to see my party members interact between them, especially if there's going to be some sort of conflict between them and a resolution that could end with them dead, alive or only one of them surviving. Because strong personalities will always colide and people do have differences, sometimes. Not to be taken to Battle Royal levels, though. Something like what a certain company seemed to promise about a certain sequel to their sci-fi TPS/RPG, but eventually didn't deliver. I was really looking forward to seeing a certain psychotic biotic tear an information broker to shreds or that opposing factor's lead female operative. *sigh* Friendly, funny banter between the NPCs is always nice too. Also would this be the best place to ask for animated portraits for the NPCs? Static ones are fine, but I remember being surprised and excited when I first saw my party's character portraits in M&M6 move. I would love to see them make a return here.
  15. Shame Onyx is out of the picture. I thought it was a rather neat little engine, with some pretty impressive visuals. Has the game's engine been announced yet? Will it be IE? Now you guys are making me want to play IWD again. Well, games always seem more fun after the 6th playthrough.
  16. Back in the day, I and a couple of friends played IWD, BG and NWN2 as co-op games, basically. Was trying to get them to do the same for DS3, but eh ... they didn't bite and didn't want to pay full price, so I've put that on hold. For now. However, I would love to be given the opportunity to do the same with project eternity, even if I don't really get to do it on day 1. Maybe not a must, but definitely a plus.
  17. Is Obsidian the first company ever to get me to buy their DLC? Man, I'm so against DLC, I didn't even bother with the NV ones. If this is good, however, I will buy it, Obs. The things I do for my DS fix ... deplorable.
  18. There is no sad face sad enough for this. Raul was the funniest companion in NV, along with Lily and Heck was an awesome guy overal, one of the highlights of my day when playing AP. I'll look forward to his future work then and hopefully he'll have a more prominent role in writing from here on.
  19. Just finished the game again with Reinhardt on Hardcore. Can't say I really noticed it. He was indeed great fun to play with, though. I was so certain I would hate him the most between the 4, I actually dreaded playing as him. Turns out Lucas was the least fun for me. And I always like the melee/tank types.
  20. This ... this is the best news I've heard all year. On the other hand, I do live in Greece ... good news is scarce these days.
  21. I really liked the story and writing. Yeah, maybe the loot could be a tad more varied, but it wasn't half bad. What really blew me away, though, was Stonebridge. I spent an hour just taking in the site of it. I couldn't believe how amazingly beautiful that place looked. Reminded me something out of Arcanum, but with far superior art style. Arcanum on the Onyx engine ... ah, a man can dream. Playing it on hardcore with Reinhart, at the moment and I'm well past 20 hours on this playthrough. That Rajani ... must have taken me a whole afternoon to beat. Goddamn that confined space! Although I do have the 'misfortune' to play it with a KB&M, sine I gave my 360 controller to my brother ... The customization may be considerably lessened compared to DS2, but I like 3 better so far.
  22. Sweet! Got my key and thanks for the heads up! Shame it's just an in-game item, but hey, can't really complain about free stuff.
  23. Enough with the pleasantries. I must have a Shadowrun game, like the good old 16-bit RPGs. Not that abysmal turd that was the 360 multiplayer only shooter. Obs, get to it. In exchange, I will provide you guys with all the coffee you can drink. For life! I'll sell a kidney if I have to.
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