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  1. I just want firefly-inspired RPG with tactical combat
  2. I 100% agree with Sensuki, there should be no place of AoO in real time party based, it bugged me very much in NWN2. It feels very clunky and chaotic. I don't know, maybe making it as active ability for fighters (Engage Stance?) would be better idea, as they seem to be the tanking class. I for sure wouldn't be crying if they will get rid of it entirely.
  3. Pretty interesting new kickstarter project, tactical turn based in the vein of X-Com with HOMM exploration, all set in the Weird West setting: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1752350052/hard-west
  4. So the beta is here apparently, I don't have the access unfortunately, but man the game looks sweet. Just look at this video stream http://www.twitch.tv/theadrain . I'm so happy that I backed it.
  5. Indeed, I think they are just starting to build a hype, same way as InXile showed the first video from W2, before announcing that they will be launching Torment kickstarter in the future. Why not to follow successful model. Personally I think that launching kickstariter n January or February would be the best choice.
  6. I would love it to be some firefly'esque open world S-F RPG running on Pillars of Eternity engine. But if i had to guess the new project will probably be lead by Chris Avellone (as he is not the creative lead nor the project director on Eternity), so maybe another spiritual successor to Torment but set in PoE universe/multiverse?
  7. I would prefer the new module style of NWN expansion packs, perhaps even more sequel-like expansion like Throne of Bhaal for BG2 or The Awakening for Dragon Age 1.
  8. The name is pretty nice, maybe not catchy enough, I still would prefer "Eternal Eternity" - Larian's style.
  9. 3M a Giant city in style of Athakla/Baldur's Gate, with a lot of quests and secrets. 3.5M - Hire George Ziets - he will be responsible for writing another major questline. 4M - Mod Tools with documentation. 4,5M - Hire Justin Sweet to do character portraits and set mood for the game, full orchestral soundtrack.
  10. It's good to know, that they are indeed working on some kickstarter. Hopefully we will know much more about it soon.
  11. I loved his art style, sad day indeed..
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