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  1. Chris is a great writer, so I think it would be a very interesting blog to read.
  2. If there's an option to export/import the character (party?) then there will be no need of New Game+. Just export your character at the end of the game and then import it during the initial character creation.
  3. NPC day schedule is a very nice thing. It makes the game world far more realistic. But I don't know how hard is it to implement this feature. If the effort is reasonable, I'd be happy to see this in game. It would be definitely easier to implement if you plan it from the very beginning.
  4. I'd like it to be something like a pre-game store, like it was in Arcanum.
  5. Steam is coming to Linux very soon (at least to Ubuntu). I'd prefer Obsidian to sell Project Eternity via as much stores as possible. Steam, Desura, Indievania, IndieCity, GamersGate... The more of them the better.
  6. I really liked Durlag's Tower and The Watcher's Keep in BG 1 and 2. But IMO such dungeon should be completely optional. Some small side-quest is ok, just to show you where the dungeon is, but the rest should be up to you to explore or not.
  7. Let's pretend Project Eternity has already reached it's $2.2M stretch goal and we're goind to see the Player House feature implemented. What kind of house do you like the most? There are plenty of games which include this feature so we can use them as an example.
  8. There is actually a way to create a third-level comment, but you need to edit the URL to do this. Don't understand why it's not allowed to create a normal comment threads.
  9. Expansion packs are great. DLC is a bit controversial thing. But if you remember Trials of the Luremaster you'll understand what kind of DLC I would like.
  10. I actually thought of something like Blanks in Warhammer 40.000. Since all the magic is connected to souls, there can be some 'hollow' characters, that possess the ability to nullify magic.
  11. I liked the way Dragons were treated in BG2. There were very few of them. Most of them had names and were involved in quests. Firkraag quest was realy awesome IMO. I can remember myself making a list of BG2 dragons. With screenshots, names, stats, etc. Firkraag, the Red Dragon; Adalon, the Silver Dragon...
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