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  1. It seems traps aren't quite implemented fully yet or am I missing something? Anyways, seems to have improved the game quite a lot so far.
  2. Didn't IWD2 reuse a bunch (all?) the IWD1 portraits? And? They were great whether they were reused or not.
  3. Yea I really didn't like very many of the portraits in BGII. They were incredibly 90s in a bad way. IWD II on the other hand...
  4. Voice acting was never something I expected a lot of or of a particularly high quality and neither should have anyone else.
  5. Because quest only XP makes many of the core activities of the game pointless. Like combat, exploration, etc. It should be rewarded additionally and not solely. It doesn't make those things pointless at all. Do all games give you experience points for every little thing you do? No. I think that quest exp is the proper way to focus the game. Exploration is a part of completing quests and there's always loot as well and lore, etc.
  6. I don't get what is wrong with experience being awarded for completing quests. I think the only change I might make is awarding experience for completing stages of quests.
  7. You're not really supposed to be using every single ability every encounter. You use what you need to use when you need it.
  8. Nope didn't hit slow motion lol. They run at the speed of walking imo.
  9. Totally serious. Maybe we're playing different games but it seems like my characters are running through molasses unless they get haste from the chanter.
  10. They can't make run speed any slower, it would be ridiculously slow at that point.
  11. I think there is a really great game in this. Some of the spell animations are great and I think that there will be a really cool dynamic between the character classes that will emerge later on especially with the chanter. Aside from the obvious issues with disappearing items, abilities not working, etc. etc. there are some really nice touches in this. I like how the circles under the characters get distorted when they go underwater, that was really cool.
  12. More nonsense detected. Substantiate your claims. He already did. This forum has gone full retard.
  13. Oh good as long as it's known. I hadn't noticed the quests disappearing in the master list or anyone else mention it. I just downloaded it yesterday so I wasn't paying as much attention.
  14. How do you attach a savefile on the forum? I have a couple of bugs that I'd like to address as well. I haven't seen anyone mention quests disappearing from the quest log and then I also ran into the grappling hook not being detected.
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