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  1. No good answer for this one as no matter what choice is made there will be backers upset. I do appreciate you folks at Obsidian for bring this up and asking for input from the backers, so thank you. For myself I would prefer to have all the physical items arrive together, I chose the Collectors box tier for a reason. I've got a digital version I will use to play anyway. Besides, as others have said I'd rather not see the extra money spent on costs for multiple shipments.
  2. Much like PoetAndMadman's post on the first page I'd like to see something in a Firefly or Farscape like setting in a modernized version of Freelancer on steroids.
  3. I seem to be missing the Kickstarter badge as well. I would appreciate getting that sorted out when one of the mods, or whomever is taking care of it gets an opportunity. Thanks.
  4. That would be nice and something very close was almost a reality in The Broken Hourglass thanks to jcompton. Unfortunately the game was never finished.
  5. Very difficult to answer with just one thing because I have a pretty good sized list, but presumption driven reputation/influence changes are probably one of my major pain points in a game. The thing I'd like to see is the removal of presumptive influence/reputation changes from both the general game and from my companions. Why must the companions I've surrounded myself with and chosen to travel with constantly have to make motive checks on the things we do? Worse why do they insist on doing so in front of the mook I'm trying to scam? While I realize there will at times be perceptions of
  6. I don't think there's even any need to make enemy composition high-level responsive to your decisions. Just have a lot of variation in enemies and enemy combinations as a usual part of the game. True, if there is a good variety of tactics, enemies and enemy combinations then there is not really a need for any high-level decision making. However after multiple playthroughs, think 10+, it will be difficult to ignore the fact that I know bad guy #5 in Boss #3's lair is just around the third corner to the left and a fireball lobbed just so will probably take him out. Of course I reason th
  7. I think this is a good conversation to have but I think everyone is focusing on the result of the "breakage" not the root cause. I think Lephys started to get there in his posts on the first page. When it comes to combat there will always be builds that are better than others; some at specific tasks others in a more general sense. But when you have a handful of builds, and especially a single one, that is orders of magnitude better than all others and devastates all enemies then I propose the flaw is not in the class or build but is actually in the enemies. While the class or build in ques
  8. While my knee-jerk reaction is to agree with Sensuki, I can actually see some merit to this if used properly. Perhaps a quest, plot twist or character that is supposed to be hidden to all but the most intrepid explorers has an unintended "tell" in the way the quest line originates that stands out to the experienced player this game is geared towards. Now instead of a cool reward of sorts for the few it's a quest line everyone seems to be doing. Conversely what if a support quest line for the main story is ignored by all but a few? A tool like the one mentioned would allow Obsidian to revie
  9. A bit late but for me I'd prefer the tarball option. For those that want them Steam, Desura, et al can be options; but they're nothing I want involved in the process. A tarball may not do all the install work for you but I feel that's probably the closet Linux equivalent to a disk/dl with the game files and a setup.exe file like the windows folks will have available.
  10. When I first started reading this I thought "oh ye gods please no". However now that I've read all the posts I could go for a less clunky interface; but I do like the visual heft/substance to interfaces in the old IE games. Something book-like maybe even with short opening/closing animations and pages flipping when you choose which section to go to from a table of contents. Just throw something out there, but whatever interface they develop it should be a clear successor to the old IE interfaces. Map-able hotkeys are a must as well.
  11. Top of my list would be ME. I want to be the big bad/Evil boss/scourge of the planet. Whether I start that way or change over time I want the chance to finally tell the major boss characters in the game that as bad as they think they are I'm worse and I'm taking over right after I kill them. If I had to pick a existing characters I think would make good antagonists then I'd like to have characters like Vic Mackey from The Shield, Walter White from Breaking Bad, John Cavil from BSG or even a set of characters like Randall Flagg and Trashcan Man from The Stand (mini-series). Of course bei
  12. I like the concept here. I have an old game, Flatout, that records every race and gives you the option to watch the full replay at the end or skip and that games pretty old so the functionality ought to be fairly easy to implement. Rather than going to the effort of doing this for every fight it might be easier to add the right triggers in for just major quest and boss fights and of course pausing would pause the record feature. Schedule the recording so it doesn't stop until the scene is over (any cut-scene included) and throw in an option to save the recording as a file on the HDD. For t
  13. Well said! Using this logic we can basically assume that 1 stronghold can work for all classes. You could, but not all strongholds work for all classes or types. A military keep would be of no interest to a wizard. Having different strongholds for different focuses covers more types and allows for more replay while keeping the numbers down allows for more specialisation, its getting the balance right that is the question. Personally I think giving the player an area of land that he can manage would be best. There could be a settlement that is fixed for all playthroughs (
  14. It should definitely be something that remains relevant throughout the game and is truly an accomplishment to achieve. I like the idea of it being something to take over but I'd be fine if it was something I had to build too. I don't care about drape colors or stone patterns but I would like to feel like I'm actually responsible for creating it, running it, defending it, for projecting power from it; and for loosing it if I make dumb decisions. If I get to build it then I'd like it to be modular and I'd want to have a few different choices in design element prefabs that fit within the wo
  15. While I understand the principle behind the issue; when and where to save needs to be left to the player. I have a wife and child, I need to be able to pause/save at a moments notice no matter where I am in gaemand come back 2 minutes, 2 hours or 2 days later and pick up where I left off.
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