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  1. I'd agree that you wouldnt use it all the time. And because of that, its not high on my "this absolutly needs to be a feature list". However, I would use it occasionally when I fought a particularly hard battle. I figured its better to mention it now before they really get rolling and maybe it gets into someones mind over there at OE.
  2. Replay that last battle... WITHOUT pauses. When we all played these kinds of games, half the fun was planing and excecuting an amazing fight sequence where you mowed down your competition and (hopefully) none of your party members died. How did you do this? Lets put it this way... Pause, attack, unpause, pause, attack, unpause, PAUSE, health potion...; rinse and repeat. This crazy task of stopping time to give orders could take on the order of tens of minutes to orchestrate. when in actuall game time it was maybe a minute or so of fighting. Since this is the begining of a new project, I would like to request a small feature to the game. I would like the ability to replay the last minute or so of actual battle to watch the level of incredible badassery i just unleashed upon those bad guys. Just a small request. Thanks, Nick
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