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Found 21 results

  1. While playing with friends, the firefly head lamp blinds my fellow players but I do not want to switch out my head gear all the time just to turn the light off. Can you add a way to toggle the light on the helmet on and off?
  2. Will unlimited manual saving, adequate tooltips for NPC (who are they, where they can be found, and how they are related to the MC), and fast travel be added at a later date? At the moment, the only way to have several save points is to copy the files via Windows Explorer, the NPC tooltips are not helpful, and uneventful travelling through several screens seems pointless. Having the option to remain silent in many dialogues would be nice as well, but harder to implement. Edit. Also the ability to skip all animations (switching between journal tabs, travelling between locations, etc.) and show text instantly would be most welcome as well. Edit (2). Tyranny had an amazing feature of showing the reputation changes alongside dialogue replies. The same option could be used in Pentiment.
  3. If there are any roles or scientists that have audio please try to get Rick Moranis. He would fit perfectly in a role like Pete's parent or something. It would be a perfect casting for the previous Honey I Shrunk the Kids actor.
  4. I really think Grounded would be really fun with split screen especially for people who have friends that own a different console or that don't own one at all so they can still play together. A survival game with split screen always sounds like a good time to me!
  5. I wish for support Arabic Language to interface and Subtitles In the Shroom and Doom Update
  6. Hello, I would like to see some additional features added to this game. It would be nice to have a shield bash feature to stun bugs and have a better shield like a ladybug shield.
  7. So we have been playing grounded for about a week or so now with some of our buddies. We do have a couple suggestions that we would like to put forward: Visual Aspects: Adding those little ****tail umbrella's that are found in drinks that can be used similarly to the dandelion tuff. Changing the hotdog visual so it does not look like clay Would love more decor options in the game for base design In-Game Features: In the gas zone, it would be neat that if you took out a torch you would explode due to the gases in the air. Alternatively if you used a slime torch you would be fine though. Our friends and myself almost had a moment of panic when our buddy pulled out his torch. Smoothie effects from smoothie station should last longer, especially the smoothie that increases carrying capacity. Should be at least 10 minutes minimum. Things that we have found annoying: 1) The bird at the birdbath: We've tried to build a base here, but the bird blocks some areas off on the second floor of our base whenever he pays us a visit. It's seriously annoying. 2) Backpacks that cannot be reached: We have had some backpacks that have fallen into the abyss and keep falling forever 3) Running into sprigs/grass blades: I know it is probably an aspect of the game but damn these things are annoying. Would be nice if we didn't glitch out on them sometimes. 4) Pebble foundations are really annoying to place, we ended up switching to clay. 5) Sometimes extremely difficult to revive someone, and it keeps cancelling the revival 6) Grubs spawning in rocks 6) Collecting all the arrows after they are shot: sometimes you walk up to them and kick it across the map.
  8. Things I like: Rangers. They're good at ranged DPS and I like ranged DPS characters. Maia. Her commentary is funny and her personal quest is interesting. Ishiza as a character. Stinkfeathers is a good bird, despite only liking me for my meat. Things I do not like: Microing Animal Companions. If I could take the option to have a Ranger with no Animal Compaion or force every Ranger to be a Ghost Heart, I would. Unfortunately, Maia is a Gunhawk. Bonded Grief. I especially dislike Bonded Grief when my party gets AOE'd and there's very little I can do to stop an Animal Companion from dying and tanking my Ranger's effectiveness. Ishiza as a combatant. His damage and durability are just not high enough to be useful, especially on POTD. He regularly gets shot to death or blown up with the rest of the party, and the only way to keep him alive consistently is to send him to the furthest corner away from enemies when the fighting starts. What I want: The ability for Maia to pick up Ishiza to remove him from active play. Nothing extravagant, just a dialogue option that stores/retrieves Ishiza from Maia's pack like the Familiars from Baldur's Gate. I noticed how badly I wanted this when I was screwing around on Poko Kohara and Maia's mentioned putting Ishiza in her pack because of the poor weather conditions. I'm really tired of Ishiza getting dunked on by enemy ranged attacks and AOE and I'd like the ability to put the bird away so she's not such a pain to have along. I tried modifying the files to remove her Bird Companion ability as part of her progression and, surprisingly, it worked perfectly. Her dialogue doesn't experience any bugs without Ishiza there (except for a missing portrait), so such a feature wouldn't cause any major hiccups for her conversations. Hell, you wouldn't even need to record new dialogue - the bark line she uses for Poko Kohara would be perfect for the pick-up, and her line demonstrating her "come" command would be perfect for retrieval.
  9. I notice as I progress I can build better structures. Instead of making us destroy our walls, how about a feature to upgrade them with our new learned analysis?
  10. Bottom line, there isn't enough gear to find or buy in this game. On my first play through I went spoiler and wiki free to experience the game and the primary thing that stuck out to me was the lack of weapon variety. I cringed a bit inside when I saw "mk2" and "gold" or "ultra" tacked on the end of the same gun I already had with it's only improvement being an increased item level. I held out until the end hoping there would be endgame gear but... As it sits 2 assault rifles, 2 pistols, 2 revolvers, 2 plasma rifles, 1 bolt action rifle, 1 semi auto rifle, 1 light machinegun, 1 heavy machinegun, 1 grenade launcher, 1 plasma caster, 1 electric heavy gun With most not being a direct upgrade but a different play style of damage and magazine size. Wasting a lot of money tinkering to the same level as an "ultra," a gun you've been carrying from the starter area will do the same damage. Rare variants are same model same texture too. A quick, partial fix would be new gun models for the second tier of weapons, but even that doesn't address the massive dead zones where you don't upgrade or swap out your gear if you aren't specced for tinkering. The game at it's current size and number of planets could easily fit 5+ different guns per type. We expected something more like New Vegas's gun runners arsenal. Even the F- of a game that is anthem has pallet swap custom textures and custom effects on their same model diceroll abilities weapons. Narratively I can see why you're trying to get away with all the corporations using the same armor and weapon models, but it doesn't mesh with the established corporate rivalries. Spacers choice wearing top of the line aramid ballistics heavy armor in a backwater? Immersion breaking. There should be more armor variants that aren't just paint jobs. The deadzones of upgrading mean gear you found 10 minutes into your playthrough will be on your character at lv15+ the current weapons/armor table makes the game seem very empty when your inventory regardless of planet/region gets filled up with the same low sell price gear dropped by the same enemy types.
  11. I've accumulated 80,000+ bits throughout my playthrough and there's nothing to spend it on. No end game weapon of mass destruction, No golden hat of +10 to all personality attributes, No Purchasable Ship decor or Paint, No horse armor... needless to say, I'm a bit disappointed that I wasted all that time compulsively selling and scrapping everything I find just in case. I could've just ignored collecting a majority of the loot in this game and would have been just as well off. Maybe in the dlc there'll be something...
  12. 1 - Multi-character support. I know it might not be do-able, but when I first saw the "Choose which companions are going with you" screen upon exiting the ship, I thought that would be a great way to choose which character you would like to play as as well, since savegames, yes, do list the character they are for, but can get lost in the jumble after a while. 2 - This isn't a complaint about the map sizes by a long shot, but rather the sighting of perfect opportunity. In comparison to the size of the planets, the visit-able areas seem pretty small, meaning that if/when you make DLC, you could potentially just park the new DLC areas on the same planet and swap out a decorative door on edgewater for a door that can open to reveal a "DLC" NPC living there to give quests to the new area(s) and repeat this process through all of the locations, making the DLC seem more of a part of the base game than some sort of "play after the closing credits" or "travel to a whole new system" add-on. I mean, the landscape and monsters are already in there, so no need to make whole new stuff just to add quests, etc., 3 - The ability to rename stuff at the workbench. 4 - A vending machine on the ship, please! 5 - Removing the "wall of death" from some of the unique items. I'm a completionist and while I can understand some items being unavailable because you went with Faction A instead of Faction B, having some stuff like Gladys' rifle, Reeds' bowler, etc., only available through killing them limits my options to "murder hobo" or "just lose out on item". I like how you can pickpocket the gun off of the Edgewater constable, for example, or the possibility that Gladys might be so thankful for rescuing Zoe that she gives me her trusty rifle, etc., Having those options open would really improve my experience. 6 - After I killed the Mantiqueen for my companion, I liked how I got the mounted head. I've killed some of the other "mega ____" whatevers (like the scrat under the Edgewater landing pad) and think hat more mounted heads as ship decor scattered through the ship would be cool. 7 - I know this probably falls into DLC territory, but I liked the cows on the ship and the gas heist and would LOVE to see the ability to ship cargo for folks as side-missions in the game, with the cargo hold interior changing to reflect that. 8 - Speaking of the cargo area, more usable storage boxes would be nice, please. 9 - This is a three-fer-one, but since Tossball is such a big aspect of the game, having Vic and Felix discuss it with each other on occasion would be nice. Granted, I haven't made it to Byzantium yet, but I paired those two as companions to see if the sports fans would get along and, with the exception of the greeter and his poster, neither really brought up the subject and spent the whole time just annoying each other about other topics. Also, being able to display the cards or get something in-game for collecting them all would be nice. The third part is betting. We have a sports bar. We have TALK of betting, but being able to put Bits down on a team and return a few days later to find out if the game randomly chose my team as winner or loser and either win/lose Bits would be epic. and 10 - The ability for the game to remember what I've tagged as "junk" and "not junk", please. I know some/all of these might not happen and am aware of the old "You can't please everybody" adage, but if they could be given some consideration, that would be amazing! Thanks for the great game. Haven't run into any bugs yet (other than the ones I have to kill) but I appreciate the coming patch to help insure that streak continues.
  13. Something that struck me as odd, but why are there no separate saves for alternate characters? I figured that this was a no brainer, considering this has been the case in Pillars 1, 2 and Tyranny. Hell, even Bethesda RPGs started doing this after Fallout 4. Fairly early into the game, I created a second character, just to try out another build. I didn't get very far into the game, but I never performed a manual save. This meant that when I returned to my primary character's save, the autosaves and quicksaves eventually wiped my second character from the record. Sure, this can be avoided by doing a manual save now and then. However, when it comes to switching to my second character, I now have to scroll through all my saves and check the character name. I also need to ensure that this is the latest save file I have for them. This could be easily resolved by bringing back separate save tabs for different characters. Why wasn't this included by default?
  14. Just a note, right from the off, I am NOT asking for third person gameplay. I'm absolutely fine with first person. First of all, I've only sunk 2.5 hours into the game so far as it released at midnight and I have to work today. However, so far I am loving what I am seeing and if the game keeps to the standard I've seen so far I can see it easily becoming on of my top rated games of all time. One little niggle I have is that it's very tricky to get a decent shot of my character when taking screenshots. Everything is already in place with the panning camera system, the hidden HUD, the different idle animations when equipping different weapons and so on. The only thing that bothers me is the character is so small on the screen. Why not add a photo mode which works in the exact same way in every respect, but just gives free control of the camera, even just within a restricted radius? The character models are really nice and the armours look awesome, but it sucks that I can only see my fella in the darkened inventory screen or when the camera starts panning when idle. Let us get some lovely close up shots of our lovingly crafted characters and your stunning models Obsidian! x Love ya
  15. repost from general subsection of forum.. Add some basic cheap rings at some starting vendor that reduce Maximum weapon damage by -6 (should be enough for all basic weapons) .. Dual wielding this item should cover even Archebuses (wide damage range).. Since they would lower weapon damage - no one would use them in regular play-trough - but they would be invaluable for testing damage mechanics (and for weapon damage related bug hunting) by removing RNG from the damage (not to hit) rolls .. Making weapons inflict constant damage as long as other factors don't change .. For example: Battle Axe damage range would go from 11-16 to 10-10 with such ring equipped .. 2h melee weapons from 14-20 to 14-14 . Archebuse from 24-36 to 24-24 .. and so forth..
  16. There should be an option to turn off party combat AI completely.. NO AUTO attack , no auto engage - it causes enormous amounts of gratuitous grief .. (with the minor exception of keeping to attack engaged target until new PLAYER orders, or target destroyed) There should be a new auto-pause event - CHARACTER IDLE - AWAITING Player orders - that should trigger after: - move commands ( that should be executed TO COMPLETION - not randomly canceled because the char decided to stop along the way and engage some hostile (incredibly dumb/annoying) if said hostile is one of your own units temporary under enemy control) . Auto engage friendly (enemy controlled) unit and promptly destroy it with disengagement attack when it moves away - this is horrendously broken. Player should have total control on attacking friendly units under temporary enemy control .. If I ordered my char to move out of enemy engagement - means I'm ready and willing to pay the (disengagement attack) cost.. -target destroyed -spell // ability cast -unit active/controllable again (after negative effects (confusion/prone/etc..) expire ) -... This would allow for smooth flanking orders/control (your units no longer auto sticking to the first hostile unit along the path FOR NO REASON), and zero wasted combat rounds because its hard to tell what each of your characters is doing ( SLEEPING IN HIS/HER BOOTS) sometimes under multiple AOE spell effects and ability to avoid damaging mind controlled friendly units (if mind controlled unit engages one of your units - that is a different case - my problem is with the units SUPPOSEDLY under my control auto engaging friendly units and killing them for no reason).. This auto-governing Random player order canceling is got to stop !! Give me(PLAYER) full control over my(his) characters while they are supposedly under my control (not confused/disabled/dominated etc .. ) Will need to add option to order each char to stand ground (when you want to hold defensive position without giving other orders) .. And yes 5+ units friendly ganging up on an enemy will need 5+ individual orders after said enemy hopefully expires ( Autopause - unit 1,2,3,4,5,6.. needs new orders - potentially tedious but small price to pay in order to mainain full control and prevent own units from taking FAR-from optimal combat actions)
  17. I'm not color blind.. But the difference between the green color your active character gets and the green circles the rest of your party (+ summons, charmed) units is very small and hard to spot with overlaying spell effects on top during combat .. Double selecting (Ex press 3 twice ) will auto-center the screen on the character but - still doesn't quite help since most combats my characters are mostly bunched together (3 tanks , melee party) .. Can you please add some visual effects on the selected/active party member(s) ? Make their circles of dotted, spinning, blinking,bright yellow line or something .. Just something that would make it easier to spot on the battlefield ..
  18. Add some basic cheap rings at some starting vendor that reduce Maximum weapon damage by -6 (should be enough for all basic weapons) .. Dual wielding this item should cover even Archebuses (wide damage range).. Since they would lower weapon damage - no one would use them in regular play-trough - but they would be invaluable for testing damage mechanics (and for weapon damage related bug hunting) by removing RNG from the damage (not to hit) rolls .. Making weapons inflict constant damage as long as other factors don't change .. For example: Battle Axe damage range would go from 11-16 to 10-10 with such ring equipped .. 2h melee weapons from 14-20 to 14-14 . Archebuse from 24-36 to 24-24 .. and so forth.. I can see a lot of work went into that combat log - shame to stop 1 tiny step from the whole solution ..
  19. A feature that would make stronghold management easier would be to auto-scroll to the newest stronghold 'summary' entry, or invert the enteries so the newest ones were at the top. I find it annoying that I have to manually scroll (the ever increasing distance) to the bottom of the screen just to see what just happend with my stronghold.
  20. When playing the beta on my macbook I find it difficult to use the trackpad to navigate the world. With just two changes I think the game would be much friendlier for anybody using a multi-touch trackpad: 1. Make two finger drag move the map around (just like middle click does on a mouse) 2. Use pinch zoom to zoom in and out Side note: If you want to see how these controls feel in an IE game, BG:EE, BG2:EE, and IWD:EE all use these gesturs for navigaion with the mac trackpad.
  21. Replay that last battle... WITHOUT pauses. When we all played these kinds of games, half the fun was planing and excecuting an amazing fight sequence where you mowed down your competition and (hopefully) none of your party members died. How did you do this? Lets put it this way... Pause, attack, unpause, pause, attack, unpause, PAUSE, health potion...; rinse and repeat. This crazy task of stopping time to give orders could take on the order of tens of minutes to orchestrate. when in actuall game time it was maybe a minute or so of fighting. Since this is the begining of a new project, I would like to request a small feature to the game. I would like the ability to replay the last minute or so of actual battle to watch the level of incredible badassery i just unleashed upon those bad guys. Just a small request. Thanks, Nick
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