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  1. I can't imagine this was intentional design but Iconic Projection has no baseline penetration for its damage component.
  2. You do realize that you can control what all the characters in your party do, right? I think that he's just saying is that an NPC character won't be custom tailored (attribute wise) for your purposes, while, OTOH, being a main Priest isn't as appealing as other classes.
  3. I'm trying to work as a caster of Wael of sorts. Of course this wouldn't be the only person targeting Will for damage, or debuffing the enemy and whatnot. But it would make more sense to me as a Waelite to use the few CC Illusion spells they give you at PL5+ in conjunction with Shining Beacon, Divine Mark and assorted charms from Cipher than just spaming Mirror Image as a Gish Build of sorts.
  4. Do you know of any Priest/Caster combos that might be synergetic? I'm thinking of trying Priest of Wael / Psion with the upcoming patch and focus on targeting and debuffing enemy Will saves. Seems like something Wael would approve, know what I mean?
  5. Going by the stickied thread, a spell only gains PEN from power level if it already has Penetration in the first place. Which explains reports of really weak summons, mostly useless Incarnates and confirms my fear that half of Priest's nukes don't actually deal much damage at all.
  6. But this is not exactly news to me or to the OP. The point isn't that Priests aren't effective at what they do. No character is truly ineffective. But rather that we went from a first game where Priest's buffs were mandatory to one where they are less powerful, but also one where you can cherrypicking those few most useful spells from PLs 4 and 5 with a martial class like Rogue and Monk and pretty much have all the usefulness of a Priest without having to do with the full class' pitfalls. Speaking of understanding the system, I asked for a clarification on Penetration mechanics above. Half
  7. I don't understand. I read on multiple posts that Summons (and the Incarnate in particular) and about half of all damaging Priest spells have no penetration tied to them. Meaning that something like Spark the Souls should hit for with a 70% damage malus most of the time. I guess you can exploit that spell in particular with a party of Beckoners, yeah, but that's a PL8 that can barely stand on its own. You said earlier that you never found Priests to be boring. Surely you concede that goes against prevailing wisdom somewhat? The greatest Priest builds seems to amount to being a Rogue with A
  8. Pretty much. That's how I felt reading posts on Deadfire Priests. You can be a specialist healer/buffer, and you'll do an ok job at tbat even though other classes can avoid afflictions just swell on their own. Or you can use the Priest as an excuse to give The One or Two broken spells to a mostly martial classed character. After all, their PL9 isn't even that interesting so there isn't much to sacrifice either way. Hopefully, using Priest of Wael for debilitations and Cipher for charms and damage while targeting Will is going to lead to an interesting and thematic caster. I sure wish that
  9. I chose to quit Deadfire halfway through way back when to wait for all the patches and DLC. Semed like a good choice to let the game age a bit. Now that we are all getting ready for 4.0, I wonder if I should care to import my Priest character from PoE1. My impression was that the Priest was a broken class in a game where you can only cast two spells from each circle, where you have to pick from a list of situational abilities, where buffs rarely stack and where even the martials can likely buff themselves out of trouble without half a dozen seconds of cast time to boot. I mean, its all
  10. One thing that is valid to remember is that DA:O makes use of level scalling (blergh) and Zathrian's number of adds vary a lot. I don't really remember Zathrian being particularly lethal, my biggest issue was his Blizzard spell, which would kill my mobility enabling the add's true lethality. That fight was more about keeping him from casting that and Cone of Cold.
  11. Hence my second post in the thread. Even if you're up to accepting whatever plot outcome appears, merely having the spine to accept it isn't as fun as both/all possible outcomes being interesting. That's why I posed the writers may want to avoid straight wins and losses in favour of more interesting twists to either, as a example, the plan described on the OP working well (but with unforeseen consequences) or only partially.
  12. Its hard to explain and english isn't my native language, so bear with me. D&D is heroic fantasy, it deals with things fantastic and improbable that you'd see straight out of a novel. Like a supposedly normal person surviving chain lightning and so on. To simulate that, the rules could be either very detailed on the coincidences necessary for a lucky hero to survive improbable odds, which would bad for a PnP game, or very abstract, relieving the players of more complicated math and allowing for creative storytelling - that is, you take the circumstances a kind of damage was dealt, such
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