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  1. Wow a developer in here? Thanks for replying and for the insight. I wish I were in your shoes! I strongly feel that this game is genuinely great and could trump other action RPG title given the chance - a notion I hope to see materialize in the near future! Crit (and Doom) are essential to mastering this game - and characters that were made to utilize it more will be the best. Katrina is one of those, along with Reinhart. This is largely due to their ability to generate huge amounts of power in short amounts of time due their exclusive talent that restores a % of their power on each and every critical hit. Reinhart, because of his long duration, large AoE and frequently hitting DoT-style abilities, can abuse Doom because it adds a flat amount on to each critical rather than increasing the % damage it deals. Combined with the dozens of ticks from his DoTs and the sheer greater number of criticals being scored, the result is absurd amounts of damage and infinite Power that fuel his empowered abilities and granting 100% up-time on his defensive abilities (so much, that he can even afford to spam Empowered defensive abilities that cost 2 Power spheres - granting the infinite stream of bonuses to his allies as well!). Lastly, Reinhart's core abilities affect huge swaths of the battlefield and require no targeting in ADDITION to lingering long periods of time (namely Geometry of Annihilation). Although his single target damage maybe less than his unparalleled net AoE damage, his battle success is consistent and complete. There is no room for error with power, crit and doom behind Reinhart - as he stands alone atop the legion's heroes. (Some may come in a close second )
  2. I didn't really have a problem with loot. Just farm the shops like mad
  3. Excellent, thanks! Also glad to see new item tiers, got some upgraded stuff already in the main campaign on my way to the DLC.
  4. Just wondering if I can look forward to a new shop set up in the Aranoi desert.
  5. Discussion Thread Starter on the topic of the Treasures of the Sun DLC's Enchanting mechanic. My impression and suggestions: Although the addition of Enchanting is a great way to add a world of customization to DS3, it seems unbalanced to be able to add effects to ANY piece of equipment (despite my usual support of building overpowered characters through innovation). The balancing factor is tremendous Gold cost of enchanting and the rarity of obtaining Essences through transmutation or drops. SUGGESTION: Possibly make some Enchants equipment specific and add caps for the value of the attribute bonus. Or add a chance of failure after a certain threshold (reduced cost) Major Essences are cost ~50% less per point of added attribute than adding Minor Essences. SUGGESTION: I would really appreciate the ability to combine Minor Essences into Major Essences. SUGGESTION: Transmutation of Enchanted items always return at least 1 or 50%+ of the current Enchantments on the equipment. So Enchanting its exclusive for late/post game Also, Transmuting Legendary items (Gold naming) results in a 100% major essence obtainment rate if the item had a viable attribute (Doom, Chaos: Vampire, Retribution, Stagger and Warding). Additionally, if the Gold item was bought from a shop, then it will return to the shop and be able to be purchased again. I am also saddened that Enchanting is limited to adding only a few attributes: Doom, Chaos: Vampire, Retribution, Stagger and Warding. SUGGESTION: I hope to see future DLC's that add to this list of possible Enchantments.
  6. Having played only played the main campaign with the DLC augmentation, I can say that enemy hitpoints seems to have doubled on Hardcore. Also, Enchanting can be a limitless endeavor that can create truly awe-inspiring character battle outcomes. I stopped progress just to farm the Gold and Essences I desired to add to my equipment. However, I am saddened that Enchanting is limited to adding only a few attributes: Doom, Chaos: Vampire, Retribution, Stagger and Warding. I hope to see future DLC's that add to this list of possible Enchantments.
  7. Dapper Old Gent reminded me of V from V For Vendetta. Coolest character IMO.
  8. New abilities: Players are now able to attain mastery of the arcane through powerful new attack, defense and healing abilities. Are there actually many new abilities or is it just those 3 "Ultimate abilities" from the shrines?
  9. Being bored on the forums I noticed you were online and are pretty avid on the forums. If you don't mind, what are your impressions on DS3's DLC?

  10. Hmm Complete implies that this will be the only DLC for this title So enchanting is added to the main campaign as well? Confirmed: Enchanting & Essence drops implemented in the main campaign. See my Reinhart Thread for more impressions: Greatest Legion Hero: Reinhart Manx - DLC initial impressions
  11. At least that means we'll be getting news this week right? RIGHT? ....
  12. try a new xbox? I've only had remotely similar problems when my 360 had been on for over 10-12 hours
  13. I've gotten to level 30 in all my gameplays. It is true each area has a level cap. The time at which you may start gain experiencing through level 30 is the Jeyne Kassender boss fights. When you re-enter the Mournweld with all its corruption, you can grind those areas to 30. You may have to save and reload a few times to get there. You could also try to collect Anjali's super rare legendary items from monster drops if you like. That will add hours for sure haha
  14. Pick Reinhart. At least you got it as a gift; just play the game and buy Skyrim if you want character creation. Guide to the Greatest Legion Hero.
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