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  1. I admit it is generally sound, but theres just something leaving me feeling wrong when all the items I find are like that.. Couldn't you guys add in some of the random loot that existed in other versions? You open that treasure box, or kill that guy, and down at your feet is something you could have sworn was touched by the gods themselves, something you could look at in your equipment page and clearly see that "yea, this puts all my other current items to shame." The feeling of finding epic loot is what added a good portion of fun to the game.
  2. Title says it all.. Have you guys ever made an update for this game since its release to fix the issue of crap loot? You know, the thing that made dungeon siege so wonderful and fulfilling? I seriously want to know if there has ever been an update that adds in some actual good loot, or if there is such an update that will be made? And if such an update has already happened, or is being planned, would someone be kind enough to let me know if it has? Or when said update is coming so I know when to start playing again and when to start buying games from these people again? (because obviously if t
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