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  1. How about Perfectionist, has anybody gotten that trophy? I've played through the game twice now, and I don't get what I'm missing. There isn't really any hidden quests that I'm aware of. Just go around and make sure not to skip any areas of the towns. Crap, I think the one where you talk to Mudgutter AFTER the big vote is the one I've never gotten. Video scene must play and take you elsewhere automatically.
  2. So I opened up my game so I could get some help with the 3rd JK fight. Well, afterwards, we went down the stairs and I quickly saved before they could screw anything up. Well, while saving, they must have been in the spec screen or something, and now the game is glitched and I can't choose anybody except Lucas as my companion. Anjali and Reinhart were the players they chose, so it's no coincidence I can only choose Lucas. And I have absolutely no gear for him. Also, after the save, the 2 people in my game proceeded to spend all $80,000 of my money and sell my stuff, so I had to boot them and r
  3. Like I said, point blank range I take out ice crystals in 1 hit, every time. Go to the edge of the guns' range, and it takes 3-4 shots. Try it out. What this means is that these guns have an even shorter distance that previously thought. Or it's a bug with the ice crystals, which I doubt, since it doesn't affect the rifle.
  4. I just got Enduring Champion, well after the Deed popped up, like 4 hours of play after, and I'm playing on Hardcore, so I take damage. I also am having trouble with he Merchant Of Ehb as well. If you notice how much you're selling when you come back from a hard days plundering, you'll see that this trophy should be quite easy to get, and you should have it by the halfway point in the game. I'm at the end, and still don't have it.
  5. 245/137 with dual guns and 248/114 with the dual guns. I use Warding Ritual a lot, and dodge out and use rifle. Standing there in their face with dual guns is a bad idea later in the game, so I use rifle just for surviving.
  6. You do realize that Nathaniel is the Lead Designer for the game, right? Nope. So then it's confirmed that the definition of Ability DPS in the help topics is BS then? I just am going by what the game tells me, and I think it's stupid to go by anything else, unless it's extremely obvious otherwise, and not just "Hey look at my crits they're high and I have lots of Will." So because I'm not a "hardcore player who will figure it out", I've been adding too much Attack (instead of Will) for no reason? So does this mean that since Will is equal to Attack, since it compensates? See, I actually
  7. I spent HOURS grinding the same areas over and over, saving and loading, just so I could get to 30 by the end of the game (trophy). I just looked down for the 2nd or 3rd time, and realized I haven't moved a tick past 25! Are you serious?! How do you get to 30?
  8. So I just now noticed that distance matters for damage, at least with Katarina's dual stance. I happened upon this shooting crystals in the mines, noticing that it takes a few shots to knock them down from distance, but they go down in 1 hit up close. Had I known this, I would have stayed away from the dual stance entirely.
  9. I've taken over 100,000 points of damage, and I even got the Deed for it, but my PS3 trophy hasn't popped yet, anybody know why? And what other trophies are bugged that anybody knows about? Because that's pretty much why I continue to play.
  10. So you're saying that Ability DPS really has hidden compensating damage? No. If you have 30 Will, and you have 30 Attack, your abilities will be doing 60. There is no difference how you distribute your Will and Attack when it comes to abilities. This is why Attack > Will, not including talent multipliers. This is why I don't choose Will unless it's significantly higher than Attack, because all those times you're attacking using normal attacks, you're wasting damage (if you chose Attack over Will), so it damn well better be made up when that ability comes along. Saying that 10 will = 10 Atta
  11. Although I've only played Anjali and am now mostly through the game with Kat, I notice the opposite. Her rifle and dual wielding have been side by side the entire game. But then again, I choose Attack and Agility over Will, unlike most people (who think the game is lying/broken about just exactly how lesser Will is compared to Attack, with any character.), so maybe that's why.
  12. I'm talking about if somebody joins your game. If they do, they can totally mess up your game. They can buy tons of ****, waste all your gold, and screw your companions up. Trust me, I've seen it. So what I'm saying is, don't ever host your own game unless 1. You trust the person and they know what you want done 2. You don't care, just messing around.
  13. Anybody notice that Ability DPS isn't really used in this stance? Every other character uses it in both stances (I'm assuming), except for her. Caress Of Suffering, if it uses Ability DPS, it's over 13 seconds. Warding Ritual, if it does, you have to max out Painful Rebuke, else it does no damage. Black Hound Familiar, does that use Ability DPS? See what I'm saying though? There is nothing like Heartseeking Shot in this stance, which flat out just adds Ability DPS to Attack DPS and boom you do lots of damage. They're all effects. This is why I'm choosing Attack over Will on my gear,
  14. I didn't even play the first 2 DS games, so I'm not biased at all. With that said, it's hilarious to even compare this game to D3. This game's multiplayer is a complete joke, which disqualifies it automatically. It's like comparing any single player RPG to WOW, it just doesn't work, no matter how similar the fighting or whatever may be.
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