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  1. Make a paladin npc/party member that is chaotic good and is all about judgment and is a complete bad ass. Of coarse you would only be able to have him in your party if you are 100% good or if your not going to add him as a party member make him hunt you down if your do bad things. Also everyone needs to watch Dredd 3D. best movie in a long while even better then the new batman movie.
  2. I agree on some points you have but the whole no team member dieing crap needs to stop. Having them able to be killed is the best way to deal with things in this game like how in baldurs gate 2 if you put the game to dnd rules your characters will die if a well placed crit hit them. Adds a huge roleplay and game feel to it. You may have reloaded your game when it happened but others did not since it made the game feel like they were what they are ment to be. Which they are mortals and nothing more. It really pisses me off in games that are ment to have a story with real feeling characters and
  3. I think some voice acting for combat, and at key points in the story, as you mentioned, would be the best course. I think a fully voice-over'd game would actually be pretty boring. Not to mention, it'd get to be pretty expensive (or you'd see a lot of conversations cut short). Yes making it fully voiced would just cut the content as a whole give us key moments that are voiced.
  4. I agree a house doesn't add anything to the game as a whole sure its cool but I would rather see a multi language support even if I would never use it.
  5. Thank you all for posting on my topic. I personally think they should do the baldur's gate 2 route. Which is voice acting at major moments where voice adds to the story and makes you love the characters even more. biggest thing I want them to do is make compelling romances like baldurs gate 2.
  6. It wasn't the blindly follow you around like games such as dragon age 2 or any jrpg. 1. A good party member had depth he wasn't just with you. They had motives of their own be that they were using you the whole time or simply needed your help. 2. If they disagreed with something you did they ether left your party or there was repercussions from you doing that. Ex. (spoilers). - You slept with the drow chick well romancing aerie in Baldurs gate 2. Well guess what shes no longer a romancing option. - In dragon age 1 if you had a certain character in your party and defile the ashes
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