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  1. One thing to keep in mind Aarik D said in discord there was a bug that was alluding them that they were waiting for. I speculated that it may be this one since the devs were responding recently in this thread saying they couldn't reproduce it but it could be another bug. i would be curious which one if its a different one. seems like the community would def try to help.
  2. Im sure it would be fine. At least when i did a lot of stuff in POE1 i didnt really ask anyone and no one complained
  3. looks like Aarik D responded on discord about patch in deadfire-discussions. They say there is one bug giving them trouble and alluding them and they are waiting to fix it before pushing release. I wonder if is that "Broken core mechanic: Afflictions not supressable/not removable by inspirations" one but anyway so close
  4. Deadfire is a separate game the only thing that carries over is the save file but the games dont integrate like white march did with poe1. white march was a dlc for poe1
  5. Obsdian isnt developing the console port so that shouldnt hold them up much
  6. welp got a message from the discord mod so maybe not looking good but its not official or anything
  7. another Thurs. another hopeful day for a patch until we reach end of day and all hope is lost
  8. I agree with this. They added some passives back to all single classes a while back but these were definitely missing
  9. what is funny is players complain that casters weren't god like enough like D&D but ye they are tops in POE1. BG made me hate wizards and POE brought them back some for me.
  10. i have never encountered that bug with the fighting mob in stronghold. To get less attacks concentrate on defense upgrades
  11. Ye so before that patch the OP would have probably been also missing half those attemps
  12. You can always go back and poke around. This game is designed with that in mind that you will travel back and forth to cities.
  13. Yes level 5 probably seems a little low for those fights. There should be lots of missions in Defiance Bay you can do to level up some or trying a few levels of Caed Nua. That overall mission arch with the charred barrel has branches all over the world you dont need to complete it any time remotely soon. Have you done the other two main mission quests already. The ones in Undying Heritage and The Man Who Waits if not i would do those first. It seems like you should be higher level by now. i usually reach defiance bay around 4-5 and then with doing a few quest you get to 6-7 pretty fast. This happens sometimes. This game is pretty open and you will find enemies that will kick your butt but with some levels and gear and abilities you will be fine.
  14. so do you think in the end you will have more hours in POE2 then. I too have around 750-1000 hours in POE1 and have not finished POE2 yet. POE2 has not caught me like POE1 although i do enjoy the POE2 updates for the most part. I dont have any major issues with POE2 except maybe the main story. I feel a little lost in POE2 and my character is not as motivated to move forward. Part of this was early on i heard the main story is short so i felt stuck if i try to follow the main story the game will end but if i dont i get a lost in the world and lose motivation. Maybe its a pacing issue with the main story. I have never made it past neketaka. Im going to try again soon though. I have my doubt i will replay the game if i finish but i hope once i get more into the game that will change. Going into POE2 i was planning on doing 3 playthroughs. There are some small mechanical and itemization stuff that i liked in POE1 better.
  15. Ye i agree and dont see the issue. if you change your stuff in POE2 character creation then you have essentially changed your character for the whole POE 1 - 2 playthrough.
  16. I wish they would have done the level design with this in mind. Most levels feel like a dungeon crawl or action rpg. you cant by pass fights and are constrained to these corridors. I enjoyed POE1 more open environments where you can bypass fights or come back to them later if you didnt want to engage. It was one of the things that pained my about White march just to many mobs everywhere.
  17. Ye i agree not saying it would be easy but may be doable. and you would have to reuse assets in the game so you would have any special totem assets for that stuff.
  18. You prob could mods a lot of this stuff in. They have totem like stuff in the game now with new Barbarian subclass fury shaper
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