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  1. this is such a face palm . the community alerted the devs that in POE 1 bashing was bad and why and they address one part of this issue by allowing it to benefit from two weapon setups and talent then a new issue is introduced with PEN and not fixed lol
  2. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Kana_Rua
  3. level 7 seems low. i am usually level 5 around beginning of Act 2. and part way through Act 2 i would be level 7 and prob 9-10 by end of act 2. there are lots of quest to do in defiance bay and surrounding areas like dyford village. at least there were in act 2 not sure now. i know some quest go away after the trial but there should still be some. also do you have white march you can go play that and level up. not sure how you go to the end of the 15 level dungeon at level 7 that levels you up to and i would say those 15 levels are harder than that quest you mentioned. well not all 15 levels but a lot of them. you definitely missing quests. here is list of quest from wiki you can see if you missed stuff early on. it tells you the area stuff is in https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_quests usually the complaint in this game is people are overleveled. if you attempt to do all the side quest stuff you are usually overleveled for stuff for lots of the game especially the end
  4. Ive posted this forum in the chat of the two pillars discord channels. you may want to post there to there are people there that dont usually come to these forums also. but like what you did with this Project Eternity discord - https://discord.gg/8h5cyj Obsidian official discord - https://discord.gg/obsidian
  5. just sneak out and level up. no need to go back to old save
  6. No there are 11 companions in game but there are 4 in Act 1. the game is broken up into 3 Acts and the DLC White March part 1/3
  7. if you talk with the inn keeper and buy something from them or select dialogue to hire adventurer there are options to retrain you characters or hire new adventures but if you follow the story and or go look around you will find npc companions to join in the first act there are 4 companions you can get
  8. for new players i would leave and go level up with other quest and get more companions either through buy adventures at inn or just finding the npcs in the are. this game is not linear per se just because you can go someplace doesnt mean you are ready for it and sometimes you just have to come back later after doing other quest.
  9. Ye it seems weird to me that other early level abilities scale with power levels but not summons. so in principle i support trying to scale summons
  10. You can turn on or off the auto level companions. So if you turn it off you can level them yourself and pick all their stuff. Something you could try since you are new is to periodically switch out companions so you get a taste of all of them. I generally do this to at least complete all their companion quest. You will eventually find a companion that represents all the classes.
  11. i have never played with summons in deadfire so not sure but it makes since that if you are making them stronger both offensively and defensively maybe the added duration isnt needed but i have no basis to make this claim as i only did one run.
  12. @Elric Galad that would be nice and just in time. i have a chanter summon character going in POE1 that i wanted to eventually play POE 2 with
  13. i mean you can make your fighter more dps oriented so there is a difference from Eder with dual wield or two handed. if you want to go sword and board but be more dps oriented than fighter this build was really fun. its a Barbarian Sword and Board. its basically designed to be a Barb CC/debuffer but would def be more offensive than sword and board Fighter and you can pick different weapons to max dps Just fyi this build is min maxed but when i played it only went down to 9 on my attributes and it was still really fun. usually these builds are min maxed for POTD and to get every ounce out of build but you can change stuff.
  14. lol i think i just answered you on reddit but just in case- i general do siege of cragholdt around your step 14-16. the battle of yenwood maybe around 12-14. there really isnt to wrong an answer its up to you when you feel like doing that stuff. the list seems pretty good. i usually finish endless paths before you have it listed here but spreading it out like you do here is def a better flow for me when i play
  15. hmm thats odd i mean if you go to first fire in defiance bay you can just walk into it https://game-maps.com/PoE/Map-First-Fires.asp
  16. looks like there will be at least turnbase mode in BG3 also leaked screen shots https://www.pcgamesn.com/baldurs-gate-3/screenshots-leak
  17. lol ye i may be in the minority but i generally play melee rangers and dont want to see all the cool stuff go to ranged abilities.
  18. make sure to tell versus evil if you havent already they are in charge of the ports https://discordapp.com/invite/versusevil
  19. have you tried going all the way to top again and talking to npc. i believe there is npc up the to advance the quest
  20. if you like the golden dragon but want different stats then just go for it. that attributes are not that big a deal. they dont make are break a build its how you choose your abilities and equipment that will make more a difference in the build. especially on lower than potd difficulties so if you want might, con, res. then just put points into those and go play and you will be fine.
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