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  1. Yes i thought it was some of the better gameplay ive seen. I also wondered if some of these demos have been with controllers. if they were i would be curious to see a mouse keyboard version
  2. https://kotaku.com/the-outer-worlds-is-an-rpg-about-controlling-the-narrat-1835586595 https://art19.com/shows/kotaku-splitscreen/episodes/8cb084ef-38d9-409f-a1e5-fcbdd2150d52
  3. thanks for all this. this is one that is BG3 and The Outer Worlds together and others not sure if its already on here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/438294096?t=01h11m51s
  4. interesting stuff in the post mortem. Couple of things that stood out to me One criticism they took from the first game was Slow Start / Ambiguous Motivation I really dislike this change in 2 story. They did the whole God Smash story because of it but the story feels so disjointed from exploration and factions and josh talks about this in talk. I still havent finished the game because of the story. I get lost in motivation. In the back of my head i know im suppose to follow ethos but there are these tons of other cool quest i find and it paralyzes and bugs me and this anxiety makes it not fun to keep moving. I liked the first game mystery. I liked the slower start and not being some god savior right away. I like not being known by everyone and their mamma. Yes mr npc i am the god prince watcher fear me. arg. hehe Ship to Ship combat - 40:15 "Its was the most expensive feature in terms of dev time/ money spent" - geez and Josh mentioned he wanted to cut this feature because he realized it was going to be a time/money sink for something lots of people will not like but a manager above Josh put it back into the game. This seems like a pretty big misstep. DOS 2 put a lot pressure to do full VO which seemed to cause issues with narrative and pushed the game back months because of needed time to implement. Another decision by management above josh who wanted a partial VO experience. I am mixed about this. its cool sounding as a feature but if it hurts the overall game i like to read alot already so screw the vo lol. Josh mentions the turned based wasnt perfect since it didnt preserve the action economy of RTWP. Josh said compared to the ship combat the turned based implementation was nothing. geez if not for the ship combat the game would prob be better haha wow
  5. Cipher maybe. good mix of combat and spells. And anyone can do trap finding although they do start with a point in trap finding. there is some builds you can see on these forums. Although they maybe min maxed which you dont really need for this game if you dont want
  6. I pretty sure it affects all Act 3 stuff but elmshore is one of the harder parts of Act 3 when you go there. I would just move on to another area it gets easier and you dont have to combat in the order you find it.
  7. good luck aarik with whatever your moving on too.
  8. I actually like the POE stats and Josh's philosophy better than the older infinity engine games for all these reasons. It made for better roleplaying experience to me and allowed you to experiment with class builds the way you liked for the most part as opposed to the old D&D stats .
  9. Ye i have a priest of berath on a later run that will loose their faith between 1 and 2. going from obey the gods to screw the gods kinda thing
  10. https://discordapp.com/channels/212316585333882880/408435567710437386/547851488148324352 also https://discordapp.com/channels/212316585333882880/408435567710437386/575746176234553344
  11. you dont need one in POE2 you can build a 'save file' with the choices you want from pOE1
  12. it looks like that change for stride in turn based was made in this previous patch below
  13. Oh ok so there is something on the ground you need to pick up i remember maybe its hidden not sure so bring someone with mechanics and go into stealth. Also if you dont have a cipher with you in party at the time you pick it up you would need to go Hadret House and talk with that cipher on the first floor. You may already have what you need and just need to talk with a cipher
  14. Did you have Eder in your party when you entered the area? this is sounding like a bug. If you did the defiance bay stuff with eder and then you went to the location with eder there should be two npcs at campsite there you talk to and also when you enter this map with eder i think he says something about the place.
  15. Did you get the records from the records archive in Defiance Bay? You have to get enough reputation with Defiance Bay then the archive person will talk with you and let you know about Clîaban Rilag
  16. They weren't silent they said they were patching bugs and finishing turn based. It has taken a while but they were not putting POE2 on hold
  17. Just finished another run of chrono trigger
  18. If you like rogues then i would play them. Rogues may be at bottom of list but its not like Baldur's gate where a class at the bottom is so far away its a joke. Rogues still do great single target damage and you will have fun playing them. They are considered bottomish because they dont have a second trick in the base class. They excel at single target dps are pretty much nothing else. with some single target cc while still being squishy. Yes spell casters are considered better than other classes but again the gulf is not really that wide like Baldur's Gate wizard. Usually they are considered this way because they are more versatile and perform more functions on the battle field. This game was designed where classes would be balanced and compared to those old Infinity Engine Games they succeeded spectacularly. Also dont worry about the stats. They are not remotely as important as D&D and were designed for you to roleplay the character you wanted to and feel like the game rewarded you. There really are no trap builds or stats in this game unlike D&D. I feel like the power gaming part of this game was a secondary focus in this game. Its there but i believe Josh wanted players to roleplay first and power game second. Especially for those who are not playing the game multiple times. My favorite class is melee ranger that plays like two rogues with ranger and animal. This setup is not a power build and i still felt rewarded and that as i progressed i could do my flanking job really well. This is due to the games commitment to no bad builds. Also This is partly because like i said stats arent as big a deal and there is great gear in game to build around that can have big impacts on your characters.
  19. I would complete the endless paths throughout the game. Its not really designed for a single shot although you can play it like that if you want. Each level gets more difficult and they start off designed for low level and ramp up to higher levels as you go. There is good loot and equipment to be found in there so i wouldnt wait.
  20. Yes this could be intentional. For instance i think the animal companion scales same whether single or multiclass. i think they have been inconstant with scaling stuff with power level as you can see some does and some doesnt.
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