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  1. Dear board. Im playing first PoE and while I didn’t touch expansions yet, when entering Elmshore I was already level 11 by main character and (custom) party. Game asked me about scaling so I made save and selected scaled option by curiosity but after having serious troubles in current fights (for example had to repeat three times fight with ogre horde and at third attempt I won simply because the only member left alive, Ranger, kept running away and attacking from distance the sole surviving ogre), I began to regret that decision. Im playing on normal difficulty level and if I would want to be kicked in head over and over, I would pick up highest level from the start. I wanted to ask if this scaling apply only to this area or everything else in game that I did not visit yet. I didn’t progress outside Elmshore yet so it would be good moment to roll back save since I want to be able to actually finish the game. Thank you for reply.
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