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  1. You can always do an orlan with slave background and role play you were stolen from the dyrwood area from the Glanfathans tribes which fits in nice with the game because there has been an issue with orlan slave trade in this area. There are some nice prejudiced conversations if you are orlan in the game. Including if you just talk with random npcs who are commoners. Even some companions get in on the racism.
  2. Honestly, as much as I like this game, he's a bad lead designer and some of his derision left some huge flaws in the game. The stronghold's current state is probably one of the worst things about the game. Quit being so melodramatic. So the game isnt perfect. You claim you like the game but dont like the lead designer of the game. This post was trying to give constructive ideas for the stronghold. What is the point of posting your whiny crap. As for this post, I do like some of the ideas for stronghold.
  3. The devs did mention that they would fix the animal companion fatigue in coming patch 1.05.
  4. To be fair, until you realise that Animal Companions are affected by fatigue you'll find they mysteriously have half as much durability in some battles as others. I suspect this is a lot of the root of people being frustrated with it. They said they would fix this issue in the upcoming patch.
  5. This is not true. You can talk with them at any time and get more background than the little quotation box provides. If you click on the character portrait you will see the little quotation box as an option in the companions menu.
  6. Could you guys please fix the animal companion fatigue issue. now that i am later in the game with a ranger and all my companions have decent athletics i shouldnt have to rest and reset my bonuses as much but because my animal still gets fatigued and gimped like they did at the beginning of the game my whole party has to suffer.
  7. i dont think so. I have been playing a ranger now far into act 2 but now i want to wait until this is fixed to finish my ranger run. You spend the whole game building up your companion athletics so you dont have to rest so much only to find your animal is gimped by this issue if you dont rest as much as you did in the early game which messes with your bonuses. Ye i hoped this gets fixed or someone finds a work around or mods or something and if not oh-well just have start new build.
  8. I like the ranger class for the most part. The one real bug is that the animal companion does not use the ranger's athletics to calculate fatigue so the animal presumably with only 0 athletics always gets minor or major fatigue quickly and if you are not paying attention they get nerfed quickly. You also don't really notice it until you look at the character sheet for the animal. I haven't made a hard run yet but on normal my animal rarely dies (maybe 5 times and i am level 9) and i frequently am able to get behind the line and take out enemy casters and range characters and flank front-line enemies. I know everyone says the rogue is better at dps and i don't doubt it but my ranger actually has the most kills and does the most damage in my party so they cant be that bad or useless. I also find the pet to be very micro management heavy. If you are just sending your animal into the fight blindly and just forgetting about him the ye i can see him dying alot but the pet to me is the ranger micro management part.
  9. Ye hopefully the animal companion fatigue issue can be fixed. I tried a work around by setting animal athletics to same as my ranger but it doesn't seem to work.
  10. Ye this issue is starting to bum me out now that i am later in the game. I would love to know if there is a work around. I tried to use cheats to give 'animal' athletics skill but it doesn't seem to work.
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