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  1. Welp looks like the most unique build was saved for last also dont forget what we win if this is confirmed
  2. hmm not sure i never had an issue with this quest. i remember walking with durance toward the end game area and he just talked stop and talk with me for his last bit of dialogue. not sure that is where you are though in the quest line
  3. I just skip swift aim and chug potions of Potion of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion + two weapon style + a low thin armor + durganized = more than enough for 0 recovery. with calculator you can even just use potion of power and still have enough for vulnerable attack. i know that takes some time so swift aim is for if you are trying to get it early on but i just like being able to choose a different talent
  4. Ye in the late game my animal WOLF would do about 70-80 on hit and over 100 damage on crit which if your a ranger with flanking + stunning shots (ranger ability) + all animal companion talents and abilities Boeroer mentioned, should happen pretty often. And i did a drawn in spring ranger for a run. It was fun i would use my ranger / animal to flank and take out squishies casters and ranged guyes when i could. i dont really remember all the abilities i used before i got drawn in spring . i prob used other abilities and spells from others to trigger predators sense like boeroer mentioned. If you
  5. I dont think 10-8 dex is a huge difference, it is only 6% speed difference. So if you like that i would go for it. I dont think it will hurt that much and you get benefits in other places. There are lots of ways to increase your accuracy throughout the game though. it probably one of the easier stats to increase (not perception but accuracy).
  6. i would definitely start on at least normal you can always change it to hard or easy while you are playing. the beginning can be harder in certain areas for someone that is new. Check out the build board below. you dont have to do the exact same thing especially with the attributes. so if you want a guide just find something interesting , set the stats the way you want an play. the attributes are not as important mechanically as dnd. but can be nice to role play the way you want. i generally played on hard and never min maxed stats. Also i would recommend to just play without a gui
  7. this is interesting. in my main run i let the dragon stay but this seems like a cool option if it was working.
  8. interesting speculation about the timeframe for game
  9. wonder if its a tactics game or historical or both he seems to be into those types of games or talks about wanted to make games like that but i do remember him somewhere saying he was working on game with no combat. not sure if it was somethingawful forums on twitter but i feel like i heard that somewhere from josh about what he was working on so game could be a surprise.
  10. I mean i just find story in open worlds so weak, even Deadfire had this issue with main story (although not nearly as bad as large bethseda open world games) but there were lots of other stories to keep my interest . It sours me on open world experiences when the main story is so weak and i get it bethseda games are about exploration but that for me at least is not a priority i would rather some interesting choices and stuff that affects the world and also an interesting main story. its usually hard to do that in open world settings though so not sure where Avowed will go but its Obsidian so i
  11. Ye her fall might be interesting and kinda of curious about the wider world. also the creatures in this game are going to be cool seeing them like this in FP. im not big ARPG fan but i do play them but its obsidian so as longs as its not bland like open world skyrim and if they can make the narrative compelling and the story and choices interesting ill be good. Also i know we are prob not the watcher but i hope the beyond is part of this game to
  12. Just saw @Ethics Gradient post this on discord god damn Woedica lol
  13. I think this was the whole point of the attribute system setup. They didnt want what happens in dnd where you had to lean into certain attributes for certain class which pretty much took away all choice in how you wanted to build your character so yes lower dex makes casting slower (and as you have seen isnt to big a deal for martial classes) it doesnt gimp your character and the points used in other attributes help in other areas. they were not completely successful since some attributes are easier to compensate for than others but overall it works to allow you to RP your character and not ha
  14. i dont remember exactly but im pretty sure you get no gear bonuses when you shift. Yes consumables, spells, food all those bonuses stay its just gear bonuses that dont. The beginning can be hard but once you get full part and several levels under you the game actually gets easier for a while.
  15. I would trust Boereor judgement for stuff Zanthia. yes this game has lots of that kinds of thing where it allows you to get to places that will destroy you. where you either need more levels or maybe better strats and or gear. Those attributes look good to me. I guess it depends early on you may need stronger armor since 1, you have smaller party and its more likely you will be attacked right off 2, early on armor protects you more than later in game since armor is a straight Damage Reduction. Keep in mind when you spiritshift your armor doesnt count for anything including the bonuses from it
  16. Even though the build forum is for mainly POTD builds you do not need to use the attributes and stuff exactly for yourself. so you can look in there to get inspired with a build but change the attributes to suit your style. The attributes are not a huge component to the builds its more about abilities and gear and play style which you can learn along the way. I wouldnt sweat the stats you rolled they are fine if you want to lower con dex is nice for caster to cast faster and there are lots of ways to buff accuracy in the game especially with priest but also gear , scrolls, rest bonuses,
  17. what do you mean you dont have access to? if you are talking about the end of Act 2 where you cant get back into defiance bay then dont worry it will open back up.
  18. this is such a face palm . the community alerted the devs that in POE 1 bashing was bad and why and they address one part of this issue by allowing it to benefit from two weapon setups and talent then a new issue is introduced with PEN and not fixed lol
  19. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Kana_Rua
  20. level 7 seems low. i am usually level 5 around beginning of Act 2. and part way through Act 2 i would be level 7 and prob 9-10 by end of act 2. there are lots of quest to do in defiance bay and surrounding areas like dyford village. at least there were in act 2 not sure now. i know some quest go away after the trial but there should still be some. also do you have white march you can go play that and level up. not sure how you go to the end of the 15 level dungeon at level 7 that levels you up to and i would say those 15 levels are harder than that quest you mentioned. well not all 15 levels b
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