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  1. draego - did not know that armor bonuses did not count while you shift. is it just body armor or anything you wear - gloves , ring , etc. What about potions or edible you consume before shifting Boereor does seem to be quite knowledgeable about the game ( and so do you ) I will follow his advice and go with the boar I am hoping to restart this weekend. I expect the beginning will be more difficult as i learn the mechanics of the game using a full party. Even though i have played all the infinity engine games ( that was around 20 years ago ) this seems so much harder. It has been a
  2. Thank you both for your help draego - had not thought about reach weapons but that is a good idea especially when you leave the shifted form you are in melee range I went into the bear cave alone and got creamed. not used to having a game that has an area that is so much more difficult than for your level. the talents for the 2 builds you linked to are just about identical but neither chose the one talent that Boeroer mentioned - Veteran's Recovery Boeroer - appreciate the equipment and potion suggestions. will have to keep that in mind. I assume the equipment is much later
  3. I am not sure if this should be posted here or builds forum as there they seem to be mainly for POTD I recently got this game with the 2 expansions . I like the sound of the druid for my main character as it seems to have a lot of versatlity. some info about my planned style of playing and what I am looking for - will be playing on normal difficulty - will want a party of 6 using the premade characters you pick up while exploring and take on every one in the party just for their story quest. without knowing the actual companions thinking of a main party of fighter and paladin i
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