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  1. I am having trouble finding the key to the house described in Sealed Missive quest. It just tells me that I need the proper key to unlock the door, but I have no idea where the key is. I went back to the place where the dying monk gave the quest but his corpse is no longer there, so I no longer have any idea how to proceed. Help is greatly appreciated
  2. I am new to the game and chose the chanter class because of its ability to summon creature. However, with lowest level summon requiring 3 phrases and the lowest level chants take 3 seconds to finish, I only get to summon a creature when the fight is basically over. I don't really feel like I'm playing a summoner character. I know that there is a brisk recitation passive that speed up chants up to 50%, but it's so high level that I think I would almost finish all content in the game. What other things can I do to make my chanter summon faster?
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