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  1. hmm good question for versus evil discord https://discord.gg/FRvPsn
  2. check out the Community Patch. Its make riposte a better skill : Riposte proc chance changed from 30% on being Missed, to 25% on being Missed and 25% on being Grazed https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/335
  3. that doesnt have to do with the save file only you get the same reactivity if you create your own save choices once you start up POE2
  4. i mean that kinda defeats the point i mean you can be a righteous assassin and a shady paladin. and i like that obsidian lets you define that stuff for the most part
  5. i mean could you just download the files and start a new mod page and call it C Patch 2.0 or something ? i get its not ideal but if no one can get a hold of max and just post a link to the original in the new mod
  6. i been seeing in other places you cant import but not sure but in POE2 you can recreate your save choices
  7. i have seen others say you cant do this on console but i havent had any experience with consoles
  8. Ye the POE2 barb without multiclassing kinda bummed me out. I had a cc/debuff barb in POE1 that i liked granted that included weapon effects in carnage rip. and coming to 2 there definitely wasnt enough focus on cc/debuff in the class to make it feel similar to POE1
  9. i know once the lighthouse is finished and The Wailing Banshee is there you can buy dragon dishes from the inn.
  10. Yes the Shadowrun series is fun. i think of the 3 Shadowrun games Dragonfall is the best and definitely worth a play.
  11. i usually do prisoner, tower, dyford but you can do them in any order you want. generally when i first get these quest you are prob underleveled for dyford but im sure its doable and bonus is get two companions for at least going out that way real quick.
  12. For barb you can always go against the archetype and do barb tank/off tank weapon/shield that specializes in debfuff instead of a two handed damage archetype. I did a non min max version of the below build as main and it was fun. I also chose weapons with CC abilities because the CC will apply with carnage hits as well so you can stun or prone groups of enemies within carnage range, to further lean into the barb as debuff/cc person instead of damage person.
  13. You only get the benefit when its equipped. Swapping weapons is to allow the player to switch to a weapon that can get through DR the enemy is weak to more than on the previous weapon or to get to a unique benefit the other weapon doesnt have. Also there is one build with Island Aumaua and Arms Bearer and Quick Switch, where you equip 3 or 4 guns and can spam multiple gun shots without reloading.
  14. At any Inn you can create custom party members. There is a catch though they will start off 1 level behind you when you pick them up so early on they are worse than story characters but later the levels will even out.
  15. Yes a lot of this comes down to aesthetics. I get people like big cities and thats fine they just bog me down and lose as they did in BG 2 and NWN 2. so to each their own. and Yes the weapons comes down to my preferences in roleplaying specific weapons. So yes there really is no need to meta game if you like all the different weapons and the game doesnt really punish not specializing but when I go half the game without finding a weapon of the type i wanted i started reading wikis for where to find certain weapons so i can at least get one lol.
  16. I know there are a bunch of these with similar info but... I finally finished a POE 2. Ive been restarting since it was released. Overall I liked the game and it did some good stuff that was an improvement over POE1 but i still like POE1 better than 2 by a lot. I played around 900 hours in POE 1 with lots of playthroughs and POE 2 was 1 playthrough and lots of restarts. And not sure when ill go back. I also didnt do any DLCs this may get me to go back but toward the end i just wanted to finish the game. This isnt comprehensive list i'm sure i may think of other stuff. and i realize this list is subjective so if you liked something i'm not saying you are wrong this is just what i thought POE 2 did better or worse than POE 1 Better: Graphics just really nice step up the world and characters and enemies all good stuff Level Designs I have to say I really appreciated the level designs. One archetype I like playing is a stealthy character (which is what I did on this run) and the level design I felt definitely supported. I was able to sneak around avoid tons of fights and use bombs and even cheese a little to get around and it was very fun. This could still be really improved if they let say one character go into an area or house by themselves without having to go remove all your characters the go back and then go get them when your done. i only did this maybe once so for the most part the levels let me sneak around how i wanted and even get my party through sometimes when needed Itemization better and worse The weapons were cool with unique abilities. Companion Choices Worse Story One of the main issues that kept me from enjoying the game more. I didn't like the beginning hook about Eothas it was fine but just worse compared to POE1. I liked the slow start of POE1 and the mystery. The main story was to short and felt disjointed from the factions. If felt like was playing two different games part of the time. Once I really ignored the main story and played the factions as the main story the game got more fun. Neketaka I don't like giant hub cities at least the way this was done this is related to the story issue I had and was the main reason i would quit playing. I would get to the city and go talk to queen within minutes and get told to leave the city. So right off staying in the city felt disjointed from story. I knew though main story was short so I would force myself to stay instead of going to hasongo and find myself feeling bogged down with so many quests. It felt overwhelming with all the quest i would pick up and disconnected from the story. I did push through and started enjoying some of the content Itemization The distribution was horrid and didnt support character roleplaying being good at certain weapons. I dont like the switch between ton of weapon types for the sake of gaming the enemies. I want to roleplay my characters with specific weapons and pick a few weapon types and stick with them the whole game and find ways to work around stuff. This is just an aesthetic thing. But the weapon distribution made that impossible and there were just not enough weapons of certain types . POE 1 had some of this to but i felt POE 2 was just worse in this respect. this leads to the next category Meta Gaming I felt that this game needs more metagaming than POE1 and on my first run that made the game worse. Because of the poor distribution of weapons i felt the need to metagame weapons i thought my character would want. This pulled me out of the game. On the subsequent runs i dont mind it because I would be focused on getting builds. Druid Priest Abilities This was a small thing but The loss of versatility of these classes hurt some. I get this was result of per encounter spells change. And this did change some from the beginning maybe they need to give one more spell on power levels. There others stuff to talk about like the removal of all per rest abilities. Not sure i cared to much POE 2 was still fun enough in that respect i enjoyed POE 1 a lot to. Something else that could have improved was the call backs in dialogue to POE 1 choices. I wish there was a tool tip with more explicit info on what choice or choices in poe1 led to the dialogue part.
  17. I agree this may just a preference thing for rural or smaller areas. I think i like the smaller town with more focused content to discover or alternatively i like exploring areas that i feel like i should explore because the game gave me reason to explore. So my initial hesitation with Nekataka was the main story line. i go to city go talk to queen and im suppose to leave to go to another city in like 10 minutes. it felt like "what is all this content for when the main story is sending my away" as opposed to defiance bay which at least sent me to places in the city and to dyford and along the way i go to do new content. And I knew from the reviews and from the talk here the main story of POE2 was short so i felt like if i progressed in main story to fast i would finish the game to early so i would stay in nekataka and start to get bogged down in lots of quest that felt weird in light of the the main story and would just quit. i finally just decided to ignore the main story and forget about it and play the faction game which felt like a different game and was able to enjoy it more. I also just enjoyed the slower start to POE 1 than the hook for POE 2. they basically did the opposite of why i got hooked in POE 1 because of all the criticism and the big city was another one of those criticism that pushed the game further away from what i liked about POE 1.
  18. I dislike large cities as well. i get bogged down in them and thinking back that is exactly what happened to me in BG2, NWN2, and POE 2. I beat BG1 but i dont remember the city with any special fondness. in POE 2 it was one of the stumbling blocks that kept me from progressing in game. I just beat POE 2 for the first time a few weeks ago after so many restarts. I liked Dragonfall but Berlin was not remotely on the scale of any of these other cities. It was more like guilded vale or stalwart. And Dragonfall progressed differently because the overall game was smaller in scope. You would do some Berlin stuff then go out to main and side missions then come back and there would be some new Berlin stuff to do then rinse and repeat. but that game had no world map to explore so the setup and progression are not the same as just going to city like Nekataka and being bombarded with tons of quest if you start talking to people. I loved POE 1. Defiance Bay bordered on to much content at times and i definitely felt that bogged down feeling when i did my first run and i was in the im going to do 100% of content but once i started role playing more in subsequent runs and ignoring people and quest i didnt think my character would bother with the content lessened up and was able to enjoy more.
  19. Ye i think what happens is people get used to D&D system and think its mimicking real world stuff but its not. its an attempt to abstract and systematize stats just like POE but does a worse job. However, since everyone is used to that system it feels like the standard and any adjustment feels wrong. But if you examine D&D stats they are just as absurd and abstract compared to real life plus they have so many class restrictions and exceptions built in, it makes for a far more confusing setup in a game for someone that has no experience with either system. I never played table top d&d but did play some of the older d&d games and POE stats were a breath of fresh air stats and ability wise. I tried playing Pathfinder Kingmaker blind and the multitude of trap stats and abilities is just crazy you have to meta d&d so much before even attempting to play it. for a table top game i can see the appeal but in computer game i just preferred where POE was going
  20. I agree with this line of thought. I dont like the big city hub of tons of quest. and the progression of POE 1 does feel better narrative wise (although it still has some pacing problems but compared to 2 was much better). Its what turned me off to BG2 years ago. starting off in the city and getting a ton of random quests right off while your suppose to be saving someone. And it is in part what kept me from completing POE 2 for a long time. i would just get stalled out when i got to Neketaka and had a hard time progressing especially in light of the urgent nature of the tiny main quest. it just didnt fit with a large hub of random quests. I like the low key start to POE 1 where you were more investigating what was happening instead of the world is about to end POE 2 start. This is one of those lessons they took from POE 1 where people criticized the narrative as starting to slow. it has been the complete opposite experience for me.
  21. The loading time issue is a known issue since the beginning that has never really gone away. playing on SSD will help. also having a minimal amount of saves helps to i believe. Its better in POE2 from what i can tell. Also in POE2 there is a whole AI system you can use thats not in POE1. Its like the dragon age origins AI system where you can pick very specific actions for different situations.
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