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  1. Thanks for the reply guys - appreciate you taking the time. I like the idea of dual hammers. What would you think of this stat spread: Mig: 17Con: 19Dex: 6Per: 10Int: 12Res: 14 Is he going to be a walking disaster? Would it be worth swapping INT and PER or is it much of a muchness? I'd tend to avoid any mid-game rerolls, hence the trepidation - but as draego says - i'm gonna have to dive in!
  2. Hi All, I've ploughed through the information on this board and others, but my restartitis is a real curse...I really wanna crack on and get into this game - but I keep hitting the same stumbling block with commiting to a character. (This is certainly a "me" problem). I want to play a Dwarf (Boreal or Mountain) and i'm leaning towards Barbarian. The only reason for a Barbarian being party flavour, as I intend on being best of buddies with Eder throughout the series. I'm not overly keen on min-maxing - the idea of a Dwarf with lower DEX is okay with me, but I struggle to imagine a Dwarf with low Resolve. Blame the Hobbit I guess. I tried the Golden Dragon build, from Boeroer - which tbh I enjoyed; 18/10/06/13/16/18 was what I managed (or similar - i'm @ work currently, shhhh) which fit into my rigid idea of what a Dwarf should be although i'd of liked more CON. Then I remembered that Eder was a tank aswell...and here I am...with the main menu music etched into my memory calling me back. So, in short, I need help. I would like a Dwarf Barbarian who has High MIG, CON, RES - and remains viable throughout the game. I'd like to focus on either Axes or Hammers, Dual Wield or 2H or S+B - I don't mind, but I don't really want any overlap with Eder (if that is even a problem? I don't know!!) I hope you can excuse the rambling wall of text and I'd appreciate any guiding hand to help pull me out of my self-made misery. Enjoy your day!
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