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  1. That is true, but i don't wanna miss out on all those minor stuff that come with importing the save...Such as, maybe, companion dialogues, npcs, and the sort.
  2. ...Maybe describing the choices that were made in the endgame? I'd appreciate it a lot, thanks
  3. Hello. I noticed, while browsing the savegame with an hex editor, that there are 2 lines called BMV_GAMESTOP_PREORDER_STATE and BMV_GAMECRAZY_PREORDER_STATE. Now, for some of us, including me, who were unlucky enough not to be able to get the dlc items at the time, there may still be the chance to enable them via the hex editor. So i am asking two questions: 1) Does anybody know to which value the default one has to be changed to enable them? 2) Could somebody with preorder items enabled send me theire ''default.sav'' file so i can check it? Thank you!
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