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  1. Starting with my companions: Turn based game Eder - Fighter Pallegina - Herald Maia - Ranger Aloth - Wizard I have a couple of questions about companion class and my watcher. I have read alot about rogue not being needed for primary class. 1. Who benefits the most from dual classing to rogue? Eder, Maia or Aloth 2. Do you need a dedicated Priest or can the Priest dual class? Recommendation for the other class? Initial Stats for each? 3. Any and all companion suggestions / watcher builds entertained, thank you. I have about 100 hours in POE and got a great deal on POE2, so I am digging for information.
  2. Just downloaded PoE and off the bat, the amount of fan based information on the net is overwhelming, amazing to say the least. I want to go with the canned party for my first run and use a druid as my character (EQ main). First, which of the characters would you recommend because of their party strength, interplay and storyline? Second, which NPC's would you build to flesh out your party? Third, does the game autolevel the non-player party members or is there a way to control the skills and spells that each party member receive? Thank you in advance for your replies /R
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