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  1. And now it is time for the Defiants of the Deadfire! To be frank, i didn't recruit Vatnir in this run as i wanted him to turn the floe into a merchant hub. PS: I know that this is technically a POEII image, but i thought that it would be better to publish it here than to create a new tread in the PoEII sub-forum. If a mod thinks otherwise, please notify me and I'll move it
  2. Here comes the whole team of Caed Nua! I mean, i know that Calisca and Heodan don't make it to Caed Nua, but i think they deserve to be alongside the whole team
  3. Next part https://imgur.com/a/RhylGxX --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Bricks of Eora: Part I, Act I, Chapter I, Conversations with Calisca When you and Calisca are about to reach what appears to be a group of spring berry bushes, your nose caches the smell of wet hair and rotten flesh. "Wolfs!", the young woman shouts. The wolves attack you with great ferocity, but they are no real match for you. You breathe profoundly, focus your thoughts, and dive into the mind of one of the beasts. It shivers, confuse
  4. Thanks a lot I'll try to recreate the most significant events from both games, as experienced by my main character. Not all of them will be as complex as the encampment (this one took me 3 days to complete) but i think it will be an interesting project to undertake.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm Uburian, a long time Pillars (and Obsidian) fan and Lego enthusiast from the basque Country. I'm currently working on my doctorate thesis on art and technology, but because of certain global affecting events which I'm sure you are aware off, i have found myself unable to continue my work properly until the situation improves. Now i have plenty of extra time to burn and nowhere to go, so i have decided to start a Pillars of Eternity (I & II) Lego recreation that focuses on my most significant play-trough of the games, and to share it with those who i know will appre
  6. PoE and Deadfire are spiritual successors to the Infinity Engine games, and while i understand why it would be appealing to try to continue them in a more mainstream manner, i don't think that they would work that well in any other form than as single-player centric isometric RPGs, preferably with options to play them either in Rtwp or with a turn based system. If you drop that, the game would loose too much of its charm. A counterpoint would be what Bethesda did with Fallout 3 (adapting an isometric franchise to be a first person RPG), and while it is undoubtable that they were successfu
  7. Well, now i really want to play a game set in Eora in which you create and maintain a shop of animancy powered bikes A tactical game set in Eora (similar to Xcom, but with RtWP apart from TB) would also be amazing. Thanks a lot for the links.
  8. As an artist and story maker i fully empathize with Josh's (and the entire PoE development team's) sentiment. It is really hard to create something that has true soul (not metaphysically speaking), but even if you succeed at that you have no guarantee that your creation will be liked by others. Besides, it is really easy to become blind to the flaws of your creations, especially if you are a passionate person, and the lack of, or misguided/badly interpreted, criticism only increases that problem. Pillars of Eternity was released when the demand for isometric RPGs was really high, a demand
  9. I'm currently playing trough FS, and the unavoidable eventually of having to fight a crazed archmage empowered Oracle seems daunting. So far i have been able to beat the Sanctum's bosses handly in upscalled veteran with a full party, (even if they took some atempts each, more suprisingly NovNok), but if anything, the first Oracle fight was annoying (the laser spam specailly) and i don't really know if i'm going to be able to defeat a more poweful version of it without losing my nerves. I'm preparing for it as much as i can (stocking up on scrolls of Witting wind, high level potions, and f
  10. The very first game i remember playing (more or less, as i was 5-6 at the time) was a version of Prince of Persia recorded on magnetic cassette tapes, and you had to rewind the tape each time if you died. The damn thing got stuck more times that i would like to remember. Things got a little better after that, for a while at least. In any case, having utilized mostly Macintosh computers until late 2011, I'm used to waiting for the games I want to play.
  11. Well, in my case, and for as much as i would like to play the game, i'm out of luck. Purchasing a physical copy not being an option, my first choice would be to buy the game in GoG, but alas, we don't even know if ToW will be released in GoG at all. Steam would be my choice after GoG (i prefer to avoid Steam if i can, but it has its uses). The Microsoft store presents an interesting conundrum, as if i could i would probably purchase the game there, but my current computer (which is used by more persons than me) utilizes an archaic barebones versions of Windows 10 which doe
  12. A reasonable approach, if ultimately futile in this case. The unfortunate truth is that, in this particular case, voting with our wallets can only provide, at best, some stoic comfort. In one hand Obsidian (trough, Private Division) will receive guaranteed money from Epic if the sales don't reach certain levels anyway, and in the other, all future obsidian titles will be conceived under Microsofts stewardship. If anything, low sales will just incentive publishers to take similar deals from Epic in the future. Business are business, and we should not expect Obsidian to prioritize our
  13. Ironic. A company that made a comeback from the brink of bankruptcy thanks to crowdfunding a video game centered around the topic of defying the will and power of synthetic gods (at least to an extent) will now benefit, even if indirectly, another company which is helping create something that can easily be described as a synthetic god. I guess that this was mostly private division's doing? A pity, as i was really looking forward to playing The Outer Worlds, but ideologically i simply can't support the game anymore, even if it is also available on the Microsoft Store. Besides, i prefer my
  14. From PoE2's story i got the impression that the degradation was caused by the gods syphoning small chunks of essence from reincarnating souls (thus fracturing the souls) instead of being a natural occurrence, or perhaps it was already a part of the natural reincarnation cycle and the creation of the Wheel worsened it. In any case, we will probably not now for sure until PoE3 is released.
  15. I'm guessing that DoS2's cooperative mode has played a key part on it's commercial success, but personally i don't think that PoE (the core franchise at least) should have such a mode, as it would likely compromise it's nature. DoS2 is also (from my point of view) way more mainstream than PoE2 (specially regarding the setting and the themes it explores), thus way more appealing to the general public (Pillars has a complex acquired taste, which i adore, but it is probably not as appealing as Divinity to someone new to the genre). Pillars gameplay (being a direct successor tot the IE games) is a
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