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  1. Probably this will be considered "necroposting", but I'd like to point out that you can't take Vicious Fighting at level 7, because that's a Talent and can be chosen only at even levels. So in this build there is one Talent too much and an Ability less. I'll choose for my playthrough to take Deep Wounds at level 7, and take Vicious Fighting at level 10 instead of Quick Switch. If @K-Slash has better ideas about this, I would be happy to read them.
  2. I understand your point of view @claudius, but personally I prefer to keep the story companions within a certain degree of "originality". I don't think I'm the only one with these preferences, and that's why I decided to put these restrictions.
  3. Hello everyone, Some time ago I've created a Google Sheet with the automatic level progression for all the story companions in the game. I this spreadsheet I've noted all the options each companion would automatically take at each level if automatic leveling is enabled (took me quite a lot to do this through console commands), as well its Skill Points allocation and its starting equipment. Now I would like to take this thing up a notch, and insert as well an example of end-game gear each companion should wear. The problem is, I'm not so savvy about equipment in Pillars of Eternity, s
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys. I would like another little help from you: could you take a look at this order of play-through and tell me if it makes sense? Also, could you give me a hand adding recommended levels to every major entry? Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. Thanks @draego, but I've already played with a barbarian and I want to change this time. I'm also not that interested in optimized builds, I would rather try to build my Watcher with talents and abilities that suits his background or progression through the story.
  6. Hey guys, I am once again creating a new Watcher in PoE1 and I need a bit of help. I'll be playing on Normal, with a party consisting of my Watcher, Aloth, Edér, Kana, Durance, and Pallegina. They will be built following the game's default builds, and I want them to use the kind of equipment they come with (meaning that I won't, let's say, make Edér a two weapon fighter, or give Pallegina a pike instead of her great sword). I will swap some of them just to do the other Companions' quests, but for 90% of the time that will be my party. Now, I'd like to make my Watcher a fighter, preci
  7. @Boeroer I didn't took into consideration my level at all, I have to admit. Maybe I'll do a few side quests in Defiance Bay before going to the White March, to get at least a couple more levels (I'm currently level 5, I think).
  8. Hello everyone. A couple of days ago I started a new play-through of Pillars of Eternity, hoping that this time I will be able to finish the game and continue on to Deadfire (I already have a game where I'm roughly at 2/3 of the story, but since I haven't played the game for a year or so I decided to do a fresh start with a new Watcher). Since I like to plan my games I decided to write down some kind of "road map", a rough order by which complete the various acts and quests. For now the order looks like this: Begin Act I Endless Paths of Od Nua 1 Finish Act I
  9. No clue, I'm sorry. I have zero knowledge of mods, you may have a better chance to get your questions answered at the Nexus Mod Community.
  10. Thank you @Boeroer, that is a really nice guide. I've already tried the Cauterizer in a previous run (which I didn't finished), but this time I want to try Two Weapon Style. But, what about level 14, 15, and 16? Also, shouldn't Blooded be placed at like level 15?
  11. Hello everyone. I need help with choosing Abilities and Talents—maybe also Skills—for a human barbarian. I want to build him as a full melee DPS character, dual wielding swords and/or battle axes. I came up with this Attribute spread: MIG 16 CON 13 DEX 14 PER 12 INT 13 RES 10 I'm not looking to min-max since I'm playing on Normal, I just need to plan which Abilities and Talents to take at each level, so I won't spend too much time thinking about my options whenever I level up. Thank you in advance for your help.
  12. Yes, I know the Attribute scores are hidden in a spoiler, but in the same spoiler, after the Stat Array, the OP wrote "If you want a higher RES score, check out the alternative stat array below.". But I can't find any other array in the post. Am I missing something?
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