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Found 3 results

  1. The "auto-attack" in "AI behavior" for every party member is constantly resetting to "passive". It always be "passive", the AI is unusable. please help ...
  2. The different wording is very confusing: The clickable passive only talks about "Weapon critical hits" or "Self on critical hit" -> +1 Phrase. Same goes for class description at char creation and the clickable Sklad passive in the skill tree. Only if you then go to the current effects of the Character Sheet it says: +1 Phrases on critical hit with meele weapon" So I'm wondering. What is true? Is it all weapon crits (making ranged builds possible) or not? It feels like it works with pistols, but I'm not sure because its hard test, I cant force a crit. Thanks for some insight into that.
  3. The idea for Don Juan, came to me after eating breakfast a year ago on a Sunday morning. From that point onwards, I realised that a dedicated trap-finder/secret finder is damn useful. Having someone to help kill things is always nice too. So, here's Don Juan. =================================== Don Juan =================================== Difficulty: Easy/Normal/Hard v. 3.02 and previous versions. -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Rogue -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Elf (+1 Dex +1 Perception), Subrace: Wood Elf -------------------------------------------------------------- Starting Attributes: MIG:16 CON:16 DEX: 16 PER:16 INT: 3 RES: 10 -------------------------------------------------------------- Culture: Don Juan had travelled all over Eora during his younger years. Deadfire Archipelago (+1 DEX) or The White that Wends (+1 PER). Choose the one that you think is coolest. -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: Don Juan had tried his hand at many lines of work over the years, his skill was always in the mechanical. Labourer (1+ to Mechanics/Athletics), Merchant (+1 to Mechanics/Lore) or Scientist (+1 to Mechanics/Lore). -------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: Dump as many points into Mechanics as you can (try to hit 10 asap) and then expand with left over points into Survival (Cap it at 9 for the +2 movement speed rest buff). -------------------------------------------------------------- Talents: Level 1: Sneak Attack, Crippling Strike Level 2: Weapon Focus: Soldier Level 3: Reckless Assault Level 4: Vulnerable Attack Level 5: Dirty Fighting Level 6: Shadowing Beyond Level 7: Vicious Fighting Level 8: Quick Switch Level 9: Persistent Distraction Level 10: Arms Bearer Level 11: Deathblows Level 12: Interrupting Blows Level 13: Sap Level 14: Arms Bearer Level 15: Shadow Step -------------------------------------------------------------- Explaination of Talents: Crippling Strike (Active - 2 per Encounter): You get to use it twice an encounter, and with Don Juan's horrendous INT being able to do it twice is twice as nice. Weapon Focus (Passive): Soldier: For that lush +6 to hit stuff. Reckless Assault (Modal - Accuracy): When you want to rush in an lamp things. Vulnerable Attack (Modal - DR modification): Brilliant talent, much love for this. Dirty Fighting (Passive): Crits make things explode into chunks. Vicious Fighting (Passive): Chunky goodness expanded. Shadowing Beyond (Active - 2 per Rest): Nice for running away and getting healed. Even nicer if you just go invisible and then cast a scroll/shoot someone in the face. Persistent Distraction (Passive): -1 Engagement for your target is annoying as all hell. -6 to all Defenses is beautiful. Interrupting Blows (Passive): Perception + High Interrupt Weapon + Interrupting Blows = Interruptmania, with more science! :D Quick Switch (Passive): The opening volley of a fight will help loads when facing tough creatures. Deathblows (Passive): Gorgeous passive talent. Makes me very happy. Sap (Active - 2 per Encounter): Stun them. Stun them good. Feign Death: Use this to take a breather. Don Juan had feigned his own death fourteen times in the last year alone. Shadow Step: Know nothing about this, but it sounds cool. Here's the relevant copypasta: By stepping through the Between (?!?!?!), a rogue is seemingly able to teleport across the battlefield for a few moments, automatically returning to his or her starting position when the effect ends. -------------------------------------------------------------- Weapons Arquebus/Pliambo per Casitàs(!)/Long-Feller(!) - Custom Arquebusses would do awesome as well. Greatsword/Pikes/The Hours of St Rumbaldt (!)/Tidefall(!)/Tall Grass (!) + Durganized Steel + Corrosive Lash -------------------------------------------------------------- Weapons and Armor Head: Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak Armor: Coat of Ill Payment/Sanguine Plate Hands: Gauntlets of Accuracy/Gauntlets of Swift Action/Gloves of Manipulation Boots: Shod-in-Faith Belt: Coil of Resourcefulness/Don Paco's Codpiece of Vigor Rings: Your choice, as long as you're happy. Cloak: Liliths Shawl/Hiro's Mantle -------------------------------------------------------------- Equipment Every lockpick you see. Food that helps PER / DEX. Potions that speed him up. -------------------------------------------------------------- Play Style: While the rest of the party forms a defensive line or gets stuck into the enemy. After the mage has ganked the enemy, have Don Juan open with a rifle round to somethings face. Then, quick switch to another rifle, doing the same again. Or a scroll of something hilarious, bouncy and painful. When all ranged weapons have been emptied, find a nice target with lots of health with dehabilitating effects on it, run in and gut it. Rinse and repeat. -------------------------------------------------------------- Formation Postioning: Place Don Juan somewhere in the back lines, then when the time is right, run out and stab something. Works especially well in the middle field, beside a pally or fighter with a pike. Or EVEN BETTER, the party Cypher/s (OUCH! THAT'S GONNA STING). -------------------------------------------------------------- Legendary Don Juan - Dual Wield Style / The Blender Version Rumours speak of Don Juan wielding two-weapons... -------------------------------------------------------------- Level 1: Sneak Attack, Crippling Strike Level 2: Weapon Focus: Ruffian Level 3: Reckless Assault Level 4: Vulnerable Attack Level 5: Dirty Fighting Level 6: Shadowing Beyond Level 7: Vicious Fighting Level 8: Two Weapon Fighting Level 9: Persistent Distraction Level 10: Quick Switch Level 11: Deathblows Level 12: Interrupting Blows Level 13: Sap Level 14: Arms Bearer Level 15: Shadow Step -------------------------------------------------------------- Weapons Blunderbuss/Lead Spitter (!!!)/Scon Mica's Roar Any two Sabres/Resolution(!)/Purgatory(!)+Durgan Steel+Corrosive Lash -------------------------------------------------------------- Play Style: As above, but even closer to the action. Just fire the Blunderbuss when enemies reach your lines and are getting magicked. Then move in and turn on the blender. -------------------------------------------------------------- Formation Postioning: As above, maybe a little closer to the enemy but not at the front. -------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------- The team at Obsidian for making an awesome game. Thanks to AndreaColombo, Boeroer, Blunderboss, LadyCrimson, Blovski and other users who'd posted awesome builds/advice. Special thanks to you, for reading. -------------------------------------------------------------- Discussion If you have any more ways to make Don Juan more awesome, please post below. I'll be happy to reply to you, he's not my precious, so if you know of ways to make him more optimal then I'll be happy to take it onboard. -------------------------------------------------------------- EDITS: #1: Gloves of Manipulation added to Equipment #2: Rejigged the Attributes #3: Included the Coil of Resourcefulness (I love it.) #4: Riposte added to the build. Thank you, Patch 3.03. #5: Rejigging of the stat block. #6: Rejigging again. Need more wham. #7: Removed all reference to Scrolls. Having low INT meant that the AOE's were tiny. Maybe best to leave the magic to the mages. #8: Rejigged stats for maximum *wablam* and removed Riposte, replaced with Interrupting Blows. Added Shadow Step, even though I know nothing about it. But it sounds cool.
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