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  1. I voted on Rogue. I don't have a dislike, you just have to keep them from throwing up, getting sick, run over, pushed down the hill, mugged and all the other things that could happen to a PoE Rogue. They're my favourite. If they could be made less Diablo 2 Rogue and more Thief Rogue (Is that even possible?), that would be wonderful.
  2. *** Massive thank you to everyone for the replies, reads and two cents/pence.*** The proto-type for Don Juan goes all the way back to when Tales of the Sword Coast came out (I was around 14 at the time) and I wanted a tankier, damage dealing Rogue that would allow me to do Durlag's Tower. So I made a Fighter/Rogue Multiclass to kill stuff, deal with traps and stay alive between load game screens. I had to make the character an Elf with Greatsword and Longbow proficiency. With access to Find Traps and could strip out of Full Plate to Disable Traps. Was much fun, difficult as all hell bu
  3. DD Fighter??? EDIT: Updated OP again. He works better as a rogue's rogue rather than a fighter's rogue. Dunno how to describe that but basically, an opportunist that goes for targets with High Deflection and low Concentration. Double EDIT: Have prayed to the Gods of Optimization. Oh, I but just a lowly scrub, furnish me with your wisdom. Triple EDIT: Have prayed at the Temple of Eternal Enlightenment. May the High Gods of PoE provide me with strength and purpose.
  4. Hmm... I'm gonna have to sit down with a calculator and the stat bonuses and see if I can give them a quick rejangle. You're right, the speed is far too slow at DEX 4. EDIT: Right, looked at the stats and they all seem to follow a linear progression with smaller additive bonuses that I previously realised. So to rejangle the stats I've put them in terms of necessity to the character. STR: ** DEX: *** CON: ***** PER: *** INT: * RES: ***** Natively, a rogue (or rouge) has: Endurance 36 + 12/level (Very Low) Health Endurance x4 (Low) Deflection 15 (Low) Accuracy 30 (Very High
  5. I could have sworn that they bounce away like some sort of pinball. I don't know if it can do that to all targets, but might create some interesting situations involving objects, corners and other scenery items.
  6. Thanks, makes Don even more fun. I've updated the main post. Not the biggest fan of Riposte because it's because it's 20% on a miss. But I am a big fan of high RES, which will even out his defences a lot more. Thanks for the edits, I'll incorporate your words into the OP. EDIT: HOT DIGGITY, Riposte triggers on grazes too. Brilliant! Gawdddammn, that's insane. -1 Recovery is awesome! And the trap accuracy is pretty lol too. Thanks.
  7. A character import/export system. Compatibility with touch screen devices. Modding tools and a community (Like the Gibberlings), where modders can get together and run wild with the product for the years to come. All to be taken with a pinch of salt and dash of good spirits, to be honest.
  8. I understand that perspective is subjective, but honestly, that's can't all be true. Look at Aloth, nothing bland about that mentalist. Or Pallegrina, definitely not bland. Or Grieving Mother, jesus mother of mary, she in no way shape or form is bland.
  9. I chose you, Rogue! Seriously though, I don't have a least favourite class.
  10. Made me laugh. Castle decorator/Simulator would be awesome. That's 10'000 copies material, especially if it's touch screen friendly.
  11. I love the support that the team is giving to this game post-launch. Playing PoE now compared to before is so much nicer. :D
  12. The idea for Don Juan, came to me after eating breakfast a year ago on a Sunday morning. From that point onwards, I realised that a dedicated trap-finder/secret finder is damn useful. Having someone to help kill things is always nice too. So, here's Don Juan. =================================== Don Juan =================================== Difficulty: Easy/Normal/Hard v. 3.02 and previous versions. -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Rogue -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Elf (+1 Dex +1 Perception), Subrace: Wood
  13. Maths. Just plain old maths.

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