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  1. Paralyzed by indecision here. I mean, Twin Sting is pretty nice with it's Insect proc and damage, etc. but Persistence is also good because it's just so fast and also got the raw damage going for it, too. Honestly it seems marginal so long as I take Gunner to get Twin Stings reload speed up, but... I really don't know. I mean I'm playing on Hard so it really comes down to style preference anyway. Hunting Bows seems more thematically appropriate to Sagani, but that's not really central to my question. They both kill stuff good enough. Just wanted some thoughts on this.
  2. hahahaah What!? Yeah that's atrocious description. Geeeez. Thanks for the clarification. It's value is much more apparent now. Pillars is pretty good at transparent mechanics but hoo boy this one.
  3. 8 damage reduction until you are hit. So... like once? Considering how long it takes to chug one potion... ooof. Anyone bother with this? Is this a tank potion or for squishies? I know potions are basically limited and well known problem, but for discussions sake...
  4. I believe the correct spelling is poleacks.
  5. When I walk into the Foundry he talks about Syri, though he has not mentioned her yet nor is she anywhere near. This dialogue seems to be meant for The Court where you actually find her.
  6. I think there's a bug right now where the fight ends early despite enemies still being present. It just fades out to cutscene. So you can lose Eder through no fault of your own. Ooowee. Fairly sure what happened to me. Luckily I restarted because I wanted to do proper save game import, which I didn't do stupidly, anyway, this time I got the chance to play the entire fight, and his wonderful self was there waiting for me. Still, bugs aside, pretty cool. Makes the game quite a bit more challenging at the start! (Provided you don't buy mercs.) Can you romance Eder?
  7. I don't get the need for full voice acting. Pillars is not a cinematic experience, it's clearly closer to a novel with the way it's presented. In a game like Skyrim you want it, because you're face to face with the character and that sort of immersion is important to the game play and standing face to face with a character as you read what they say doesn't work. Here you're like staring at a tiny diorama, so reading text is more fitting. Hell the writers even embrace this with additions of descriptions of character actions between dialogue, which is obviously more a reference to the written wo
  8. Josh discussing five man party change. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8cnngy/i_am_so_glad_were_moving_to_five_man_parties/dxgxvdk/
  9. Hm, yeah, I think one handed style is at the heart of my problem. I'd like to make a character about that one day, but not with a rogue I think.
  10. OMG I think the weapon balance in this game is pretty good, but maybe too good sometimes, to the point it's really not clear what weapon you should equip. I'm running a 1h rogue build (thinking I should give it up and go classic dual wield but that's another issue) and I've got these weapons in my stash just driving me nuts because I just want to use them all! Drawn in Spring - HIGH HIT CHANCE, DOT EFFECT Vierina's Leaves - DAMAGE TO FLANKED Aattuuk - BIGGER CRITS Spelltongue - ATTACK SPEED It seems like Vierina's is the way to go, with it's extra flanked damage, which is the ro
  11. I think it's around level 12 or so that you have so many spell casts per rest it is not longer even an issue, unless you're doing something majorly wrong. Even at higher difficulties, that's at least 12 casts per rank per dungeon. Not like getting more camp supplies is hard...
  12. I'm amazed people didn't get the message from available dialogue that Craigholdt is wicked hard. It is approaching immersion breaking as is. The chair was throwing up neon signs about how dangerous the place was.
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