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  1. Oh wow, I didn't know Soulbound weapons worked with your current proficiencies. I feel stupid - I've respecced like 4 times trying out different Soulbound weapons. That's good info to know!
  2. It's the Grey Sleeper. Has some great stats so I figured I'd try to use it. However, I've been using that Starshatter or whichever it is Warhammer and i just forged Abydon's hammer for the Eyeless, so I'm wondering if I should bother. Shame for it to go to waste though.
  3. So, I've made it up to Lvl 14 and have this pretty awesome estoc... Say I wanted to re-spec my PC Fighter to utilize it... What would be an appropriate build so they could be a secondary tank with Eder?
  4. Wow, what a difference a few levels and some new equipment make! We just face-stomped the banshee in Heritage Hill. Lvl 6, got Shatterstar, a nice shield (Byrngar's Solace), etc. Just wrecked her. Thanks to you folks, knowing what to do is making this game a lot more fun!
  5. Managed to defeat the Drake at lvl 5. Plugged the doorway by the blood pool and stuck my 3 tanks in it. Durance doing his buff thing, Aloth doing his debuffs and such. Worked pretty darn well! Managed to kill the banshee but those 4 enthralled guys are just brutal.
  6. Well, thanks to your folks help, up to this point has been a good go. I've actually been surviving fights - though casters are ridiculously squishy (especially Durance). Still not good enough to beat the Banshee and thralls in Heritage or the Drake in Od Nua. So I guess I'm going to be travelling to various towns and see what other quests they have to offer.
  7. Currently I have Eder, the arqebus guy, Aloth, and the lady looking for Persic or whatever his name is.
  8. I've made it to level 3 or 4 last night and was following the lady of pain template with a sword and shield. Gonna see how I can incorporate Boeroer's info into that.
  9. So since I'm going to start again, how should I go about a Fighter? Any builds in particular play better?
  10. I think I might just start over (again) and try to be a little more... thorough with my questing.
  11. OP isn't the only one. Apparently I have 69 hours in this game on Steam and I can't seem to get this thing to work. Even on Easy - like the fight at the Charred Barrel. Absolutely facerolled. So I thought, I'll go back and try and complete other quests. Nope - next part for the chick with the wolf has me going to some geyser place and we get facerolled by Drakes and stuff as soon as we get there. Next part for the Crucible Knights has me facing the rogues and I'm getting facerolled there too. That first Adra dungeon with swamp people? Facerolled. Etc. No wonder I kept givi
  12. So I'm struggling my way through this game and my characters have just reached level 5 - most of them. I'm in Act 2, day 17 or something. I get the message to go to the Charred Barrel and meet the group and am getting absolutely slaughtered. I can't even kill one of them! Am I really that underleveled thus far?? Same with Cliaban Riag - those druids and swamp critters are just facerolling me.
  13. So, I've decided to come back to this game, having still not finished it - and started over. lol I'm playing as a Fighter this time and have discovered a couple companions thus far. So far, I've just defeated Maerwald and fixed the east wall and the inn. Problem I'm having is my people dying all the time. Now, of course, them dying is something that happens from time to time I suppose. But I'm looking for help on spells and how to play so that we don't die quite as often. Which spells to buff my fighters, etc. Any help would be appreciated - thank you!
  14. Have you considered lowering the difficult level? This game was made to require a lot of micro-managing. Funny you mention that, I'm playing on easy so I could enjoy the story more than worry about that stuff - I thought. lol
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