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So, I've decided to come back to this game, having still not finished it - and started over.  lol


I'm playing as a Fighter this time and have discovered a couple companions thus far.  So far, I've just defeated Maerwald and fixed the east wall and the inn.


Problem I'm having is my people dying all the time.  Now, of course, them dying is something that happens from time to time I suppose.  But I'm looking for help on spells and how to play so that we don't die quite as often.  Which spells to buff my fighters, etc.  Any help would be appreciated - thank you!

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Generally speaking the early game is the hardest part of PoE. It's not uncommon to get knocked out a lot.


Very useful abilities:


- Inspiring Radiance: +10 stackable ACC for all your CC spells. DOn't use it as healing, use it as buff. Disabled enemies can't kill you. this is easily one of the most impactful abilites in the game.

- Use hard CC. CC is very strong in PoE because it even works if you only graze the enemy

- Use Chillfog: This spell applies blind which gives the enemy very low accuracy. They will hit you less often

- Use chokepoints: place your sturdiest party member in a doorway (for example) so he can block enemies and prevent them from rushing your weaker party members


Your general chain of actions should be:


1. buff ACC/defenses

2. apply (hard) CC

3. deal damage


in this order. Not dealing damage first. You will miss a lot and just waste resources. Buff up your ACC before trying to roll dices against enemies' defenses - this makes it easier to land a CC effect which will lower enemies' defenses - which will make it supereasy to apply damage properly. CC'd enmies don't kill you. Dead enemies don't kill you. Rinse and repeat.

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