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So the next kickstarter is...


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  1. 1. Obsidian's kickstarter - whats your pick?

    • Science Fiction
    • More Pillars
    • Post Apocalypse
    • Western
    • Steampunk
    • Vampire Fiction
    • Spy Thriller
    • Other

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So Pillars has launched and done well - huzzah! Well done Obsidian


So anyone else considering what the next kickstarter will be about and when it will occur?


My idle speculation is that the unnamed rpg in the works is maybe the next kickstarter, but what is the game about?


What genre do you think it will be?


My pick is science fiction because there are not enough of them.

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More expansions for pillar first,THX:)

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No idea what it will be, but I'm personally only interested in classic medieval fantasy or decent sci-fi RPGs. And even though Pillars to me is not the perfect game it seems to be to some, I'll happily back a POE2 game if they go that way.

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Do we even know that there's going to be a next Kickstarter?

No, but why wouldn't there be? After taxes, publisher cuts, and other costs, I'm not sure if Obsidian earned enough money to fully finance their next game, but even if they did, Kickstarter is a great way to gain additional funding. With the stellar reviews Pillars is getting from players and journalists both, this new campaign certainly wouldn't suffer from lack of interest.
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sci-fi but instead of a stronghold I would love to have a ship upgrading mechanics. And optional ship to ship dogfights so you can actually use your ship and its' upgrades.


It will be great to have a game which is an hybrid of star control and a 2D kotor and not only a kotor...


And I think this poll should have let you chose multiply options ,many of us would back more than one type of game.

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A remake of Lionheart. What people have truly wanted all these years, is to experience Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader with modern graphics. Nothing else would be changed, just the graphics. This would be the most succesful kickstarter of all time.


After that, they can probably afford one of the most respected IPs in the industry - Bubsy! Bubsy RPG. Super Mario RPG couldn't compete.

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Post apocalyptic Sci-Fi Western Steampunk Vampire Spy Thriller set in the future of the PoE setting. RTwP or FP with heavy stealth mechanics, designed by Chris Avellone during an acid trip.

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