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  1. From longtime Magic the Gathering design czar Mark Rosewater: Game design != life design, therefore your argument is invalid. A CCG designer is not an authority on RPG design, so I'd actually say your argument is the one that's invalid. I actually think the biggest issue with PoE's attributes is that they tried to make a system that didn't have dump stats. In trying to fix a problem that didn't actually exist they only made a screwy system that doesn't make much sense.
  2. I've never understood what the big deal is with dump stats. Real life has dump stats depending on what your line of work is.
  3. Clearly you have never been to Battle.net I have. I stand by my statement though since I see PoE as better than anything Blizzard has made over the past decade.
  4. I feel that this game may be the most nit-picked game I've ever seen...
  5. I firmly believe what they need to start with is bounties and other Caed Nua xp rewards. If they cut those by 70-80% they address a huge part of the problem rather easily.
  6. LOL. New to the Obsidian Forums I see. What you're seeing with people being negative to the game isn't something new. There have been people critical of the design decisions over the last two years including myself. Oh btw, welcome to the Obsidian forums. Get used to it. Yeah, but I'm not new to forums in general. This particular forum is full of a lot of grognards who need help though.
  7. Poor ROI Hahah, oh man. How old are you? A bit of negativity on one forum and one thread of a different forum isn't going to do squat, plus I've already given the game a lot of positive exposure over the last two years, particularly around the release date with my character creation videos and contribution to the IE mod. If I wanted to truly be 'harmful' (in a laughable way) I would remove my videos from the internet. Why would I bother doing that? The better question is how old are you? An adult would accept that things didn't work out the way they wanted and would get over it.
  8. There is a way to do it yourself: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76717-how-to-change-experience-per-level-requirement/?hl=%2Bexperience+%2Bgain&do=findComment&comment=1649230
  9. lol I'm pretty sure that people discussing a negative review on these forums won't affect PoE sales at all. Obsidian/Paradox have their own marketing machine, they don't need us (customers/fans) to self-censor our critical discussions in order for them to succeed financially. What marketing? PoE has virtually none from what I've seen.
  10. For what it's worth, general notion from three RPG dedicated boards I poke in on somewhat regular basis is that BG fetishists hate PoE; BG veterans find it to be kinda okay but requiring loads of additional work to shine; people having vague idea of BG either like it very much or hate it just as much. I don't claim that it's statisitically representative, but notion stands. Edit: typos Your first mistake was relying on message boards to get any sense of what people in general think.
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