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  1. Guns definitely elevated the entire thing for me. Blunderbussing someone in the face with an emphatic BLAM! just feels great.
  2. Fair enough.. but there were 10's in there too, and it's somewhat down to how important I felt each thing was, no? Also, sometimes the "at its worst" scores didn't happen very often, so weighting matters. Anyway, consider it subjective. I enjoyed the game as a whole more than as the sum of its parts, even though some of those parts had flaws considered by themselves. I liked the way they meshed together. <shrug> *Edit* typos. oh, it's completely subjective, I just got hung up on the conflict between your listed assessments and your final score. Also, imagine that the game was everything you could ever dream of except for the music which was terrible and you had to turn it off, would it still get 10/10 in your opinion?
  3. Your rating scale is defective. You can't rate something "near-perfect" and still litter it with 7/10 content "scores". It's either "near-perfect" or it's not. In this case it's a generous 8, as in very good but quite far from perfect.
  4. Thanks a lot ****. I have NOTHING in the kitchen right now and it's the middle of the night. Gonna have to whip up some ****ty pasta with cheese and cry into it.
  5. For Reals I prefer my lionesses shaven or at least trimmed.
  6. I used a good SSD for my playthrough and I didn't use a chanter so my saves weren't "corrupted" either, still they were too intrusive and I started basing in-game decisions on how many loading screens I would have to sit through. The maps are fairly small content-wise which means you will often have to run through loading screen after loading screen to get from map A to map D. On top of that there's another loading screen to enter buildings. It all adds up to be quite the nuisance and if its an engine limitation, it's a pretty severe one.
  7. They need to add and remove stuff from the base game in the expansion, imho. Plenty of people have posted here and elsewhere that they grew bored with it and abandoned it before finishing. (For lots of different reasons such as; Lack of urgency to the story, level cap hit way before the end, uninteresting loot and so forth.) They need to trim the fat and make adjustments so that all those people that never finished the base game, will be more likely to try out an entirely new playthrough when the expansion hits. I want a "Diablo 2: Lord of destruction" expansion rather than merely another adventure tacked on to the end of the first one. This isn't the movies, they can polish the original release while simultaneously expanding on it.
  8. I imagine my guys and girls to really be a bunch of fatties who all used glamour spells to make themselves skinnier. Now when they're bumbling around and falling over in combat, it makes a whole lot more sense. That wizard may look like some well toned bodybuilder hunk but it's all vanity. The game doesn't even hide this very well. There are a ton of food references and items, you can basically stuff your face all through the game and still look the same.
  9. It's a good warning imho. Could ruin a lot of clothes if people don't take precautions.
  10. Tidefall is pretty much the best weapon in the game if you have anyone who likes two handers.
  11. While I agree with the OP I think we need more insane options. There are kinda dickish moves you can do, kind of the jokester type moves but nothing really crazy like some demented chaotic wizard would choose. Would it kill them to add some third option to their dialogues? 1. Execute him by slashing his throat 2. Take him to your prison dungeon 3. Stuff an apple in his ass. YEAH!
  12. He means "down there" as "in yer pants". Did you have a little accident?
  13. Why even bother buying more than 1 game in your life then? It's gonna stay fresh forever.
  14. People are ridiculous. I've actually seen people argue that a game is only an RPG if there's a 'to hit' mechanice. Oh look, it's another one of those 'I'm a better human being for liking certain games' Seriously, get over yourself. The point wasn't that I'm a better human being at all, that's the furthest from the truth. The point was that only retards would play those games and like it.
  15. Same for me, my party was all capped when running around Twin Elms so I pretty much turned into an ****, spitting on windows, knocking over bicycle stands, littering etc. So in response to the question; "what can change the nature of a man?", well, level cap. Level cap made me an ****.
  16. Yes. DA2 was so awful I only played it for a few hours. Anyone with half a brain would do the same and uninstall that **** before it gave you cancer. There's zero defense for this stuff other than; I'm a special snowflake who should STFU. The game was bad and should be avoided by everyone. Even butthurt gamers who bought it and are desperately trying to justify doing so. Now, DA:I. I only played that for a few hours as well and never went back(thank god for piracy) and I have similar low opinions of anyone who were in any way entertained by that travesty. Of the entire "Dragon Age Series", only Origins was worth anything at all.
  17. Yea except for the area that is infact monster infested, Ondra's Gift is the only one that feels realy populated, and has most content by far Definitely. Ondra's Gift had it all. Murdered children, rape, prostitutes, haunted lighthouses, drug pushers, assassins and alcoholics.. What's not to like?
  18. I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her
  19. I want a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a '64 Impala
  20. In my opinion, if they unlocked all the enchants, the unique items in the game would feel even more generic than they currently do. Maybe that was part of the reason why they made some enchants unique item - only.
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