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  1. Once you move past "single class or multiclass", you cannot move back to the race and gender selection. The pop-up only exits forward. That means, if you want to look at customization for more than one given race/gender, you have to redo the entire introduction walk of shame. This is ... poorly planned. Are you going to be fixing it? Could we either be able to back up past the single/multi pop-up window or else have a save point at the Pallid Knight's card table? I'd like to have a look at the game, but I'd like to explore some options first.
  2. That's pretty metal though, walking around with the face of some unfortunate druid. Puts a really different spin on having a "hunter" wear that helmet, for sure. Can we get a graphic for a banjo to go along with that, maybe? Thanks for the explanation, Dmitri. It also explains the size of the thing. Any chance of a wolf helm down the road?
  3. THis is seriously a quibble, but... Deer don't actually have front teeth in their upper jaw. So the Stag Helm was obviously made by someone with a warped sense of humor? Bit of a jar, every time. Just saying.
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