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  1. Azzuro vistis my stronghold every two weeks selling average stuff - he seems to not scale his store with party level ...
  2. Hey Guys, I'm just curious - pistols are two-handed, right? My ranger had a pistol quite some time, after levelup the pistols now are one-handed and I can dual-wield them. But I'm sure I didn't choose any talent going to that direction. Is this a bug or feature? Kind regars
  3. Hehe yeah I mentioned her cat the first time I entered her house. Not asking how she is or why I'm entering with companions hehe But I think I should re-visit her, hm? ;-)
  4. Haha, allright then! ) At least I know now that it can be done ... Can you give me just a hint if it's (put hat on cat) linked to a certain quest/location/level/progress, please?
  5. Good idea! A lot better than just removing things you can't handle ... I remember character portrais (im Baldur's Gate) 2/3 full of icons because of buffs and effects. I can handle that ;-)
  6. Hey guys, yeah that happened to me, too. After I created an adventurer in the inn an ... took the black dog with me. Maybe the innkeeper noticed ;-) I was glad that at least the cheapest room still is for 0 copper. I checked my reputation with goldvale twice, they love me ...
  7. Hey Community, yeah like the title is rhymin' - I would like to give my cat (I'm a ranger) a hat like announced in the patch notes. How do you do that!? Kind regards
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