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  1. In the Game Options under Graphics is a Font Scale slider, you can make the Fonts bigger or smaller.
  2. Still so many Bugs and even the Hirelings Unpaid Bug is not fixed? I would rather see some of these Bugs fixed than new features added.
  3. Danke nochmal. Mir ist aufgefallen das die Zip Datei vom nexus noch die alte Versionsnummer (1.03) trägt, ansonsten ist sie wie die von github.
  4. I dont know exactly if this is related to the beta Patch but i recently found the stiletto Oidhreacht and when i open the Info Window i can not move it up or down. I attached a screenshot to show you the position, i can only move it left or right and i'm not able to click enchant cause its out of the visible window. My Screen Resolution is 1360x768 and i play full screen. I'm using Windows 7 x64. Savegame
  5. If you fight against Guls then some of their special abilities cause the Health bug.
  6. Yes, this happens nearly every time when i fight at Anslög's Compass against the Guls near the Shipwreck. Edit: I'm on Win7/64 and using Version 1.03.0530
  7. I think its like Xaratas said: The Bug happens for me at the point when i got a discount at the Black Hound Inn.
  8. Bzgl. Nexus, ich bin da schon länger registriert aber aktuell wird einem wohl suggeriert das man Geld bezahlen soll fürs registrieren, um das zu umgehen einfach nichts auswählen bei der anmeldung und ganz unten auf create Account klicken.
  9. Why not just disable these icons for companions out of screens in the options?
  10. After you spend your Attribut Points you can choose where your character came from (example "the living Lands") and this gives you your missing point, this was changed in the Update. So in Character creation you have to consider this.
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