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  1. In the Game Options under Graphics is a Font Scale slider, you can make the Fonts bigger or smaller.
  2. Still so many Bugs and even the Hirelings Unpaid Bug is not fixed? I would rather see some of these Bugs fixed than new features added.
  3. Danke nochmal. Mir ist aufgefallen das die Zip Datei vom nexus noch die alte Versionsnummer (1.03) trägt, ansonsten ist sie wie die von github.
  4. I dont know exactly if this is related to the beta Patch but i recently found the stiletto Oidhreacht and when i open the Info Window i can not move it up or down. I attached a screenshot to show you the position, i can only move it left or right and i'm not able to click enchant cause its out of the visible window. My Screen Resolution is 1360x768 and i play full screen. I'm using Windows 7 x64. Savegame
  5. If you fight against Guls then some of their special abilities cause the Health bug.
  6. Yes, this happens nearly every time when i fight at Anslög's Compass against the Guls near the Shipwreck. Edit: I'm on Win7/64 and using Version 1.03.0530
  7. I think its like Xaratas said: The Bug happens for me at the point when i got a discount at the Black Hound Inn.
  8. Bzgl. Nexus, ich bin da schon länger registriert aber aktuell wird einem wohl suggeriert das man Geld bezahlen soll fürs registrieren, um das zu umgehen einfach nichts auswählen bei der anmeldung und ganz unten auf create Account klicken.
  9. Why not just disable these icons for companions out of screens in the options?
  10. After you spend your Attribut Points you can choose where your character came from (example "the living Lands") and this gives you your missing point, this was changed in the Update. So in Character creation you have to consider this.
  11. As far as i know it works this way: When you have expert mode on or the maimed option disabled the characters die when they reach 0 health. If the Main Char reaches 0 health the Game is over. When the maim option is enabled the Game continues if the Main Char reaches 0 health for the first time. You can activate Expert Mode at the start of a new Game only. You can deactivate it at any time, but then you can not reactivate it.
  12. Yes, i just learned that it is not the Fan Patch but the German Language (or other Languages like jhander said), i forgot to correct this here. The only Solution i know is to switch to english and after a Reputation change in the Area the Prices went back to normal for me.
  13. Im conversations ordner für gilded vale in der Datei 07_bs_gv_event_bells heißt es: Es sollte aber heißen: Edit: Ausserdem habe ich sehr hohe Preise beim schwarzen Hund. Wenn ich auf englisch schalte und sich mein Ruf verändert oder ich die Gaststätte mit einem alten Save nochmal neu betrete dann werden die Preise normalisiert. Habt ihr da was geändert bzw. hat sich durch die Übersetzung ein Bug eingeschlichen?
  14. I started a new Game and the prices in the Black Hound Inn are ridiculous high. The two Rooms cost 8250 cp and 11250 cp. One Potion of Minor Endurance cost 37500 cp. Other Prices (at the Black Hammer Smithery for example) are normal. When my Repution goes up the Prices change to normal values. In my Savegame you can see the high prices and then you can talk to Sweynur and finish the Quest and see the Prices are back to normal. SaveGame: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/HT1PF9MNMK9 Edit: I did a bit of testing and i think the Bug is related to the German Text Fan Patch.
  15. I had this issue too, after i quit the game and reloaded the saved Game the Bug was gone.
  16. You might be stuck in combat. That could be because there's an enemy nearby that can't figure out how to get to you, or it could be a bug. Try looking for another enemy; also try leaving the map and returning. Killing other Enemies was not working. But leave the Game and Reload did it. Everything seems working now.
  17. Not sure if it is the same problem but i cant loot anything that lies on the ground. I stopped playing recently because of the stats Bug and now with 1.03 i wanted to continue playing. I'm in the catacombs and fighted a Troll and a Slime but i cannot loot the Bodies. The Char just walks to the Body and nothing happens. Dosnt matter wich Char from my group i use, i cannot interact with things on the ground.
  18. I currently have 2 Tanks (fighters) and have often the Problem that the Enemies run away from my Fighters and straight in the back rows to attack my Wizard and Ranger. I'm not that far in the Game and will try and give my fighters the ability to engage more Enemies, hopefully that will result in some indirect "aggro" like isms mentioned above.
  19. I was also Level 3 on normal and killed him first try, took me a lot of micromanagement. I didnt make Raedric's Hold yet because i think it would be too tough, maybe that is where the Level differnece came from?
  20. Looks like i have the issue too. Like Etherion said it is mentioned in my Profile but not showing. Or is it because i used paypal?
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