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  1. Yeah, I noticed it too after little experimenting. It does make more sense this way, Anyway, thanx for the answer.
  2. Ok, I posted this in the 1.03 patch section, but there's a heated argument going on there, so I thought of posting it here, maybe it'll get a better response. I'm sorry for double posting, I'm new to the forum, and I'm just discovering things. Mods can delete the post that's redundant. Anyhow, the problem is, after installing GOG version of the patch, I've noticed one attribute point missing from the stat section of the character creator. Before the patch, after I've left all stats at 10, I had 18 more points to distribute. Now I have 17. I was just wondering, was this done on purpose, or is it another bug? Thanx in advance for any information.
  3. I have a GOG version of the game, and after istalling the patch I noticed one attribute point for character creation is missing. I used to have 18 points to distribute, now I have 17. Was this planned , or is it a new bug?
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