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  1. I have the same issue. I have disabled every trap so it must have been cast on me in a fight in the Temple of Wodica. I was fighting the group in the southern most room. 5 of my 6 party members show blind, some show (graze 0.5) and it won't go away. Camping Resting at an inn Travel to pass time Kick from party and rejoin
  2. The point of saying, "Come back after you get the Triple Crown Solo Achievement" is that it is as close to impossible as an achievement can get. You will not be getting all the achievements, not because you did not Kickstart, but because you will not complete the game Solo + Trial of Iron + Expert + Path of the Damned. Therefore, get over it now and stop wasting your time complaining about something irrelevant.
  3. *original post deleted* I now see a note added to the patch announcement acknowledging this issue and saying they intend to Hotfix it. I hate to have to start a new game just as much as I hate not playing until the Hotfix is released because I bet it won't be over the weekend
  4. How do I send you the save file? The sticky in this forum recommends attaching save files to the post but the forum limit is 1 MB attachments and all my saves are 1.2 MB in size?! Do give you a link to a file hosting site in a post here or what?
  5. I'm also playing with main character + 5 custom. And my mechanic is one of the custom.
  6. Was playing fine earlier today. Just started up again after the patch and I can't interact with locked things. No message, nothing. Hover over and the tooltip is all white text, got enough mechanics. Put when I click on it the mechanic character walks over and nothing happens. It does not unlock, no popup message, no sound effect. Nothing. Can't unlock anything.
  7. That's nothing like the game I'm playing. Perhaps it's a difficulty level thing? My 1st try is on Trial of the Damned and fights are not short. I do not cast just one spell. And my squishy characters pretty much never get hit by melee attacks. My fighter + paladin will block a doorway (+ chanter if need to block a hallway) forming a wall nothing can get by. My priest is behind throwing buffs, heals, debuffs. My Mage is behind throwing AOE nukes doing nearly double the total damage output of everyone else. Ranger is also in back going pew pew. I almost always have to rest after every fight because my casters used up all their spells. I do set the game to Fast Speed, and Sneak all the time. That's adds up to a normal walk speed and lets me spot all the traps and secrets. But in fights everything is at normal speed. Fun times.
  8. Yes I did leave out 2 letters in my opening post. Path of Exile is actually the PC Game of the Year for 2013. Seems odd to say it is not high profile when it is averaging 60k concurrent players at the peak time of day. I certainly won't be referring to this game, that I am very much looking forward to playing, with the same name as something that's been around for over a year. I'm also not much of a fan of the 'Pillars' part of the name. I sure hope it's directly related to the main story and a prime location in game that has, lots of pillars or something. Otherwise it's just a weird name. Eternity will most likely stay as the moniker I use.
  9. PoE is already heavily in use, by the game that won Gamespot's game of the year for 2013 no less. I make this suggestion as matter of convenience. People googling for info about the game will end up with mixed results if FAQs and Fansites and forum discussions adopt the same name as what's already out there for another RPG game.
  10. Only make more updates like this if it does not delay any other work! Schedules can be tight in a game like this and you don't want to have to drop anyting!
  11. Well this question sure started a lively discussion! The only issue for me is where do you find the best in slot item of each time. Using BG2 as an example, when I replay that game, I know where to get the best helm, the best ring, the best 2-hander, the best boots..etc.. for my build. And I don't like that so much. I would prefer to have to take out various boss mobs until I find which one has the best longsword this time around. Lesser, leveling gear I also would prefer to have randomized, although having some of it fixed so that someone wanting to make a bastard sword user won't end up going too long before finding any bastard sword. But for boss mobs, I really don't like knowing where to go to get all my best-in-slot gear. Even something as simple has taking a group of 3 different bosses in one region of the game and having 3 nice designed items that gets randomized among them so that you know one them will have that helm you want, but you won't know which one has it on this play through.
  12. Has there been any official word on the randomization of loot? I really enjoy replaying BG2 and games like that, but always knowing who drops what items is something I've always considered a negative. I wonder what approach will be taken with this game.
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